Pulled pork mountains with onion ring snow caps are now a thing

Eden East at Springdale Farm

There's nothing more farm-to-table than actually eating at a table... on a farm!... so why not do that at Eden East: a reservation-only weekend restaurant popping up on the front lawn of Springdale Farm, which features both a farmer's daughter (who you best keep away from) and uber-fresh eats prepared by the chef behind East Side Showroom and Hillside Farmacy.The menu's changing daily, but features super standard stuff like... ThisOnionRingToppedPileOfPulledPorkMadeFromHeritageRedWattleAndWildBoar.Hello, generously poured glass of wine paired with handmade pappardelle with pancetta and peppers smoked by the owner of the farm.These are Italian doughnut holes topped with fried mint. They're meant to be dipped in that mulberry and onion jam, which on its own is worth the cost...anza.

Tomato carpaccio with pulled pork and onion rings from Eden East
Housemade pappardelle from Eden East
Zeppole from Eden East