Sweet. Potato. Donut holes.

sweet potato donut holes from Say laV

In what's surely the biggest donut news since Colt McCoy decided to start calling the plays over at Dunkin', the newly opened Say laV food truck behind Hotel Vegas is now frying up donut holes made entirely of... sweet potato?

True story: six bones gets you a bag of the holes, which're tossed in cinnamon & sugar and taste sorta like Thanksgiving dinner and Thanksgiving dessert, combined

The chef behind the balls? She's a Texas native who most recently cooked in Aspen. Her menu's got plenty more to offer too, with incredible-ness ranging from a pork belly BLT, to chicken fried rabbit, to..

... this sandwich loaded with Brussels sprouts and corned beef tongue -- yet another way Say laV is totally killing a former longhorn.

sweet potato donut holes from Say laV
Say laV food trailer
corned beef tongue with Brussels sprouts sandwich from Say laV