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5 crave-worthy Austin breakfasts for less than $5

Austin Although ordering top-shelf bourbon makes you feel like a million bucks -- it also COSTS a million bucks. You don’t get paid until next week and your velcro TMNT wallet is feeling the hurt. This weekend is quickly approaching, so we rounded up some b-fasts that will ensure you fill your belly and still have enough cash left over to be able to at least enjoy some mid-range bourbon.

Tyson's Tacos (info and address)
Hyde Park
Tyson’s has 99 cent migas tacos (before 11am) that are actually good AND a most welcoming BYOB policy. THAT'S how you get the day started.  Continue Reading

Donut Taco Palace III (info and address)
This is the place (or pa-lace) to be if you want both sweet and savory breakfast options — or if you’re just into kitschily-named establishments. Go ahead, try the donuts, or the tacos, or the "taco donuts" -- with these prices, you’re just a few bucks away from eating like a king.

The Omelettry (info and address)
Austin’s original diner, The Omelettry (which spawned Kerbey Lane and Magnolia Cafe) is famous for its classic breakfast. For only $4.75, you can have their French toast -- six beautiful triangles of pure goodness covered in powdered sugar and syrup.

Juan in a Million (info and address)
East Cesar Chavez
This East Cesar Chavez Tex-Mex joint is famous for their Don Juan, which is a tortilla piled with almost a pound of potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese. This taco's size is legendary -- even the host of Man v. Food was only able to eat four of them. Here’s the kicker, it’s only $4.50 and will feed you for an entire day, so don’t forget to grab a doggie bag, errr… foil.

Tamale House East (info and address)
East Side
Tucked next door to Yellow Jacket Social Club, this spinoff from the original and much-loved Tamale House (airport location) also has great prices. Order a $1.25 breakfast taco or the amazing migas (corn tortillas, eggs, beans, potatoes, ranchero sauce) for only $4.95. The best part is that this location has a dining room -- you won’t even have to eat those tacos sitting on a curb (or creeper-style in your car)!