Food & Drink

A patio with a Lady Bird Lake view

Tired of your lakeside drinking excursions being limited to Ultimate Mudslide at TGI Friday's? Us neither! Here with an alternative anyway, Alta's: a weekend-only waterfront beer garden-cum-cafe, now camping out (and serving free beer!!) on the deck of the Waller Creek Boathouse.The guy behind Uchi's is charged with the interior, so you know it'll be top-notch, but while it's under construction, they're setting up in a tent outside and serving a limited-but-luxe menu of breakfast tacos (w/ tortillas from Margarita's and eggs from Coyote Creek Farm), as well as sandwiches on Easy Tiger bread with fillings that include what George Washington had that time Betsy got nothing done because she swore she heard him say he wanted "bars and pipes" (Betsy Ross beef).Snack-time stars the likes of local Bearded Brothers energy bars and Primal Packs of grass-fed beef jerky.Oh, and they're still awaiting a beer/wine license, but, in the meantime, Alta's giving away surprisingly high-quality gratis brews ranging from easy-drinkers like Session to darker bottles of Rasputin and Brother Thelonious -- two brews with plenty of palate flair.