Damn f-ing good noodles from a chick who was Steven Seagal's henchwoman in Machete

Cheryl Chin DFG Noodles

If you've ever wanted your noodles served by someone who is a) one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women (!), b) a Star Search Singapore winner (!...?), and c) someone who was in Machete as an uzi-wielding Steven Seagal sidekick (wait, seriously?), you're definitely going to want to drop by DFG Noodles: a new Rainey St trailer directed by sexy gameshow-winning Seagal co-star Cheryl Chin, who's plating an ultra-rare noodle dish seldom seen in the US..

... plus honey teriyaki pineapple pork belly. And, one more time for the people in back: PLUS HONEY TERIYAKI PINEAPPLE PORK BELLY

Available for the first time in Austin, Prawn Mee Tang (aka The Cook) heaps super-savory shrimp broth on top of vermicelli, Chinese greens, sliced egg, and the aforeshouted pork belly

Less into super-rare noodle dishes? Try The Scholar: it's a classic Singapore breakfast dish that features stir-fried vermicelli, spiced ham, sweet red chillies, a fried egg, and belly. Be forewarned, though: it's a lot of food to finish. You might even say it's... Hard to Kill?

honey garlic pork belly at DFG Noodles
Prawn Mee Teng aka The Cook at DFG Noodles
Chao Mi Fen at DFG Noodles