There's finally a hot pocket trailer

You might think custom jean shorts with a built in banana holder (literally!) would have the hottest pocket in town, but you'd be wrong, silly reader, because that title now belongs to an all-time-great trailer parked outside ColdTowne Theater.

Haute Pockets trailer

The art deco hot pocket mobile is one of the tiniest in town and helmed by a pair of CT improv veterans, so when you ask them if they're open, they'll most likely reply "Yes, and".

Bend It Like Beckham

The baker behind the pockets also bakes empanadas for Pacha. Here her skills are applied to the Bend It Like Beckham: a samosa served with date and tomato chutney and loaded with posh (!) spices.

Frommage a Trois

The Fromage a Trois is loaded with Antonelli's aged cheddar, local goat cheese, Parmesan, and fresh pear.

Ancho Villa

Here's a deep-fried version of the Ancho Villa, stuffed with slow-cooked ancho chicken thighs that didn't spend nearly enough time crossing the road (they're fat. We're saying they're fat).

Sweet Ritual ice cream sandwich

And for dessert, they've tapped Hyde Park creamery Sweet Ritual to make this lemon ice cream sandwich you'd be bananas not to try.