Chinese delicacies near Riverside

From a former Second Bar + Kitchen cook and a pair of graphic designers -- one of whom has been cooking wontons her entire life -- Dumpling Happiness is a Downtown trailer fixated on the kind of Chinese apps that don't involve intellectual property theft (Very Mad Birds!).The pan-fried dumplings are stuffed with the likes of chicken-shiitake, yam-kale, and what the Skipper was sure he'd get to do after he turned on his D'Angelo CD (pork-ginger).Like any good House of Pancakes, DH also goes international with scallion pancakes and this taco version rolled around roasted pork shoulder.The must-get, though?: this Glass Gyoza, a special so popular it'll probably be staying on the everyday menu. It fills fried chicken skins with pork and water chestnuts, then serves them with a lime Sichuan pepper dip.Want dessert? Opt for these candied ginger wontons filled with chocolate -- a diversion that'll keep you occupied almost as long as Words With People You're Acquainted With.