Behold the P. Scary: A massive, four-patty P. Terry's burger

p terry's p scary thrillist burger

Because good things come in fours (fantastic people, thumbless gloves, apocalypse horsemen... ), we've convinced the makers of the No. 1 burger in the ATX to quadruple their gloriously all-natural, Angus-beef'd P. Terry's burger for one week only... STARTING RIGHT NOW. Austin, say hello to the P. Scary...

burger patty flipping

All seven locations of the beloved patty-flipper will be offering this $8.05 mega-dose of deliciousness, which starts with four patties of what Mack Brown and Manny Diaz had after the Longhorns got blown out by BYU (beef)...

bacon sizzling

... then adds off-menu grilled onions and jalapenos sizzled in the grease of two stacks of bacon.


Next, the P. Scary is topped with four slices of cheese and layers of mustard and special sauce, which has never felt more special than when accompanying a pound of meat.

burger picture

No lettuce or tomatoes were harmed in the making of this burger.

Jason from P Terry's eating a burger

This here is Jason, the right hand man to Mr. Patrick Terry and one of the most passionate burger-lovers in the entire universe. He is currently on a diet was previously on a diet.