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Moontower Saloon
Pacific Rim trailer grub


Formed by three Caucasian offspring of Austin's culinary school, Pretty Thai For A White Guy is a trailer on the grounds of the Moontower Saloon, now dishing out stuff like Far East fusion nachos w/ pulled pork, sour cream, Thai basil, onions caramelized with serranos for heat, and Sriracha.

The Pad Thai -- unlike any Big Buck Hunter gun ever -- aims authentic, plus there're less traditional options including jumbo curry chicken wings, spicy cheesy grits with Thai cornbread & ginger compound butter, and a Thai shrimp po' boy.

Their signature dish is grass-fed chopped sirloin topped with cilantro and mint, but they're also plating beef in the form of 1/2lb green curry-stuffed burgers. Apparently there was no way they could avoid serving a little Americana.

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