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The best burger ever smashed

Not just what Carrie Bradshaw totally wanted to do when she got that Post-it note, Smashburger is also the name of a Colorado-based burg chain (started by an honest-to-God PhD in Flavor Chemistry) now arriving in South Austin and planning to expand to five more locations by August

They start with a ball of never-frozen 100% Angus and then go all Hulk on it, smashing the uncooked beef against the grill to create a crispy exterior sear without losing the delicious meat juices

The result: creations like this BBQ burger piled with JoJo-approved KC Masterpiece sauce, aged cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon, and haystack onions

For fans of the other-other white meat, they're also smashing tenderized chicken, then grilling or crispifying it in sandwiches topped with everything from spinach & goat cheese to Frank's RedHot Buffalo Sauce & blue crumbles

This is the Texas Dog. It's topped with avocado and what Sayid says when his Dharma meat needs just a bit more seasoning (pepper jack)

Sides are top-notch, with regular or sweet potato fries doused in garlic, olive oil, and rosemary

And, last but certainly not least, Smashburger's one of the few patty-flipping chains to offer up a frosty-mugged local beer selection, starting with either an Independence, a Lone Star, or what you'd get if Samantha ever heard you telling someone to "stop being such a Samantha" (a Shiner).

Patty smashing from Smashburger
BBQ, Cheddar, and Bacon from Smashburger
Buffalo Chicken from Smashburger
Texas Dog from Smashburger
Sweet potato Smash Fries
Austin Amber from Smashburger