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The Best Sushi Spots in Austin

Published On 10/08/2015 Published On 10/08/2015

DK Sushi

Brentwood (North Austin)
What you're getting: Seared escolar (and a sake bomb with DK)
If you’re looking for top-notch sushi in a house party-type atmosphere, DK Sushi is your spot. Go on a Thursday night and enjoy the owner himself (DK) performing crass stand-up, karaoke, and encouraging everyone in the restaurant to enjoy sake bombs with him. This is Austin-does-sushi.

Flickr/Jessica Spengler

Piranha Killer Sushi

What you're getting: Latino roll
Piranha is by far the best bang for your buck in Austin. Located in the center of Downtown, it has a happy hour from 4-7pm where you can fill up on sushi for the cost of rolls at other places (cough... Uchi). Great cocktail and beer pairings make Piranha your new go-to for Downtown lunch.



East Austin
What you're getting: Masu-zushi
No matter the category, the best type of food in East Austin comes out of a trailer and is BYOB. Kyōten is no exception. The food truck is surrounded by a zen garden, plenty of picnic tables, and fairy lights to complete the atmosphere.

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen

Lucky Robot

South Congress
What you're getting: Mechazilla roll
Whatever your reason for being on South Congress (mom's in town or you’re on a date), Lucky Robot is your next stop. Enjoy one of the many sake cocktails while entertaining yourself in the swinging chair seating arrangements. Add some of the Robot’s famous Brussels sprouts, and everyone will be applauding your great dining choice.

Uchi Austin


South Lamar
What you're getting: Machi Cure
The unconqured king of Austin sushi spots -- if you’re looking to class it up for a night in an otherwise casual city, Uchi is your spot. The quality matches the price (high), and any sushi snob would agree the restaurant has some of the finest sushi available, anywhere on the planet. Plan ahead, as reservations are typically booked weeks in advance.


East Austin
What you're getting: Hama toro
While Fukumoto the restaurant is a relative newcomer to the scene, Chef Kazu Fukumoto is no stranger in Austin food circles. The former chef at Musashino recently opened this location as one of the most anticipated openings of 2015, and he did not disappoint. Try to get in as many trips now as you can, before the line is wrapped around the block.


Kome Sushi Kitchen

North Austin
What you're getting: Spooky roll
One of the smallest (in physical size) sushi spots in Austin, Kome fills up fast, but is always worth the wait. Starting with the warm towels given to you on arrival, this place is pure class and somewhere you’d be remiss to miss if you’re ever in North Austin. Tip: ask for extra “go-go sauce” and put it on everything you can.

Sushi Junai

Sushi Junai

What you're getting: All you can eat
When your sushi cravings outmatch your bank account, there is always an option. Sushi Junai is that option in Austin and is a place to get down and dirty with a $20 all-you-can-eat sushi feast. It makes its rolls to order however, so make sure you put in 10 or 20 when you first arrive, as downtime is the enemy in your race to fill up on as much sushi as possible.