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Teji's Foods
Round Rock Indian food arrives on the Drag


After slinging saag for over six years up in Round Rock, Teji has expanded into the spot formerly housing Rasta Pasta ("the harder they come, the harder they fall...") to serve the same menu that made his far-North location worth the drive. Stand-out poultry staples include tikka masala and charcoal-broiled tandoori, but he's also rocking a plethora of more obscure lamb and goat dishes, as well as 15 vegetarian options.

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1. Teji's Foods 2100 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705

The Indian restaurant and grocery of Round Rock fame has finally come to Dallas, slinging classics like chicken tikka masala, less-classic-but-still-awesomes like goat specialties, and 15 vegetarian options.

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