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Neapolitan pizza with bacon marmalade

Pieous Neapolitan pizza oven flames

This is seriously going to blow your mind, especially if you totally don't read subtitles: West Austin pizza joint Pieous is now doing a Neapolitan pizza made with in-house scratch mozz, bleu cheese, arugula, a 12yr sourdough crust, and bacon freaking marmalade.BACON. FREAKING. MARMALADE.In addition to pizzas they're also rocking pastrami that's been cured for 24 days, then smoked 14hrs in a BBQ pit left behind by the building's previous owners.Somehow these are both awesome and crummy.And of course: pints like South Austin Brewing Co's Saison D'Austin, which has an ABV so high, you'll probably want to counter balance it with some... bacon... freaking... marmalade?

Bacon marmalde pizza with arugula from Pieous
Smoked pastrami from Pieous
Chocolate chip cookie from Pieous
South Austin Brewing Co beer tap at Pieous