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Big Bar

Having a reputation for being bigger than you are can have its advantages, though none of them involve flying Southwest. Lavishly mis-characterizing its own size, Big Bar

Opening Saturday, Big Bar's actually, well, a tiny little bar attached to the massive outdoor patio at the Alcove Cafe, featuring a European feel thanks to a room-length, extra-wide marble bar, antique-looking oak cabinets, and massive chandeliers specifically constructed for the spot and made of heavy metal (so they're maiden iron?). The booze's all takes on classic cocktails from a former SoHo House/Edison dude, using housemade syrups and fresh ingredients; options include an Applejack Old Fashioned w/ orange bitters and a twist; the Summer In Martini w/ habanero agave syrup, lemon juice, aperol, and rum; and the Benton Park Swizzle, w/ aged rum, mint, lime, sugar, crushed ice, and a floater of Fernet, also a misspelling of the contraption really wealthy people use to catch fish in cold water. To make sure you're sated, they've also got a til-late bar menu, w/ small bites like lamb sliders w/ olive tapenade and feta; crispy applewood bacon-wrapped dates w/ goat cheese, and a slider w/ carnitas, smokey black beans, avocado, and grilled jalapeno, which still refuses to admit it was stealing the Spice channel.

In addition, Big Bar's planning on having a daily happy hour, and the whole of Alcove's also just expanded its dinner menu, w/ new options including steak au poivre, miso grilled Norwegian salmon, and drunken chicken, which wanted to bolster its reputation, but just ended up looking like the same old cock.

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