Recipes that'll make your morning even beerier

They say that breakfast is the meal of champions, but who wants to eat like some guy who's afraid that having sex will mess with his heptathlon time? Instead, check out these breakfasts from Lucky Vanous, the hops-loving chef/owner of Hollywood's Lucky Devils -- each of which, much like a grip of dishes on his restaurant's new Summer menu, are imbedded with the real champion: Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Just kidding, beer.Beer PancakesThese morning hits of doughy goodness are sweetened-up w/ Belgian ale, which also adds a bit of a yeasty flavor to the proceedings... um, yeah. Let's just leave that alone. Get the doughy awesomeness by clicking hereCaramelized Beer Onions w/ Scrambled EggsThis super-savory scramble can be made w/ your choice of beer: stout gives a fuller flavor, Hefe makes it more sugary, and IPA leads to bitterness, and bitterness leads to you making this dish alone. Click here for your hoppy scrambleBeer BiscuitsTo add depth to the flavors in this fluffy recipe, Lucky recommends using a high-sugar brew like the figgy, 9.0% ABV Brother David's Ale, which's a dark mahogany color... like your soul! And your coffee table.Make it rise right here