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9 iconic Berlin dishes and where to eat them

Published On 02/04/2014 Published On 02/04/2014
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1. Curry & Chili Osloer Straße 109, Berlin, 13359 (Wedding)

This place serves some of the spiciest currywurst you'll ever taste, with their best registering 7.7 million on the Scoville heat scale.

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2. Konnopke’s Imbiss Schönhauser Allee 44b, Berlin, 10435 (Prenzlauerberg)

This is pretty much a Berlin institution solely known for their fantastic currywurst. They serve a number of different versions, but their classic is the most popular.

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3. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap Mehringdamm 32-34, Berlin, 10961 (Kreuzberg)

You might have to wait in line for awhile to get a kebab from this tiny street-side stand, but once you take the first bite, you'll understand why you did. Kebabs here are loaded with crispy chicken, fresh feta, and a secret ingredient that, undoubtedly, sets this place apart.

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4. Curry 36 Mehringdamm 36, Berlin, 10961 (Kreuzberg)

Some people claim that Curry 36 has the best currywurst in the city, and if you want it really hot, you'll have to ask for it "scharf".

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5. Alain Snack Schönhauser Allee, Berlin, 10437 (Prenzlauerberg)

This Schönhauser Allee food stand serves a handful of items, but you're gonna want to order one of their famous ketwursts, which is basically a hot dog covered in ketchup in a roll.

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6. Kantine Joachimstrasse 11, Berlin, 10119 (Mitte)

This Mitte resto serves up a number of traditional German dishes including senfeier, which consists of hard-boiled eggs served with mashed potatoes and is covered in a creamy mustard sauce.

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7. La Soupe Populaire Prenzlauer Allee 242, Berlin, 10405 (Prenzlauerberg)

La Soupe Populaire aims to combines art and the culinary arts, with a comfortable contemporary interior and meal concepts designed by Tim Raue. Enjoy your pleasant surroundings while chowing down on meals that you can piece together from a choice of four appetizers, four main courses, and two desserts.

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8. Zur Letzten Instanz Waisenstr. 14-16, Berlin, 10179 (Mitte)

Dating all the way back to 1621, Zur Letzten Instanz's more than kept its medieval vibe that its had going since its creation all those centuries ago. At the head of a quiet three-way intersection in Mitte, the restaurant beckons to hungry passerby (and famous faces like Napoleon, French President Jacques Chirac, and Jack Nicholson) as the only labeled building on the block and keeps them inside with its carved-wood lining, vintage beer stein collection, and German comforts like meatballs and seasonal fried fishes.

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9. Max und Moritz Oranienstr. 162, Berlin, 10969 (Kreuzberg)

Unless you completely flunked geography/social studies, you should know that being in Berlin means you're also in Germany. As such, there's really no reason not to head to this Kreutzberg spot for a taste of Old German cuisine. Max und Moritz survived both World Wars and has been serving traditional German fare like schnitzel, eisbein (pork knuckle), lamb stew, and Westphalian sausages for ever. On top of that, they've got their own house lager, which should help to wash everything down.

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10. Borchardt Französische Str 47, Berlin, 10117 (Mitte)

This Berlin hotspot features menu options that change daily and exhibit flavors of both German and French cuisine.

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11. Bäckerei Siebert Schönfließer Str. 12, Berlin, 10439 (Prenzlauerberg)

More often than not, you'll find a long line stretching out of this bakery, which is acclaimed for its "Golden Pretzel", as well as its pastries, donuts, and eclairs.



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