Eins 44
Lamazère Brasserie
Tommi's Burger Joint
Hanage Okonomiyaki
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1. Lamazère Stuttgarter Platz 18, Berlin, 10627

This West Berlin brasserie is helmed by Chef Régis Lamazère, cooking up classy French fare such as escargots, pork confit, and tarte tatin.

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2. eins44 ElbestraĂźe 28/29, Berlin, 12045

Located in an industrial backlot in Neukölln, the one-time site of a 100-year-old distillery, the setting of eins44 is surely half its charm. Calling itself “Kantine Neukölln”, the restaurant really does seem like an upscale version of a cantine. Its industrial design contributes to the feel of a large factory cafeteria feeding the hungry workers. The menu, however, is anything but proletarian.

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3. Tommi's Burger Joint Invalidenstr. 160, Berlin, 10115

This multi-country chain by founder Tómas Andrés Tómasson serves up truly incredible burgers at even better prices. Simple fixings, a juicy Angus beef patty and a pillowy bun that’s definitely no afterthought, these burgers definitely stand out in a sea of joints trying to do the same thing. Tommi’s also has a food truck, so can now grab your eats at the outdoor culture space Urban Spree too.

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4. Parker Bowles Prinzenstr. 85D, Berlin, 10969

Named as a playful complement to Prince Charles, the popular club next door, PARKER BOWLES features inventive takes on German and Austrian standards using fresh, local ingredients.

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5. Cordobar GroĂźe Hamburger Str. 32, Berlin, 10115

Opened in mid-2013, this Mitte wine bar serves up quality bites like blood sausage pizza and serve a variety of vino from German and Austrian wine makers.

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6. Hanage Okonomiyaki Pappelallee 19, Berlin, 10437

This Prenzlauer Berg haunt serves up the beloved Japanese snack called okonomiyaki. Somewhere between a pancake and an omelette, the okonomiyaki can be customized with any number of delicious umami toppings. Egg, leek, scallion, minced meat, kimchi, and a number of sauces are just the beginning.

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7. Shan-Shan Gleimstr. 24, Berlin, 10437

Shan-Shan combines some of the most authentic Chinese around -- Nanjing specialties from a Shanghainese chef -- with something else insatiable foodies like best: a secret location. Well, not exactly a secret, but rather an unexpected surprise, Shan-Shan is actually the restaurant of a pretty nondescript guesthouse in Prenzlauer Berg, serving up breakfast to weary travelers every morning.

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8. Nudo Lausitzer Pl. 10, Berlin, 10997

Nudo takes its inspiration from the largely undisputed fact that Italian food is best when it is simple -- and made from the freshest ingredients. The restaurant’s menu changes every night depending on what’s available, and, it must be stressed, there is only one menu: four courses for a very reasonable €25.

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9. Martha's Grunewaldstr. 81, Berlin, 10823

Martha’s focus is on the farm-to-table concept, employing German ingredients, most of them local, to create some of Berlin's most forward-thinking plates. Playful appetizers include duck “sashimi”, a poutine made with kimchi jus, and octopus with crunchy chorizo and a lovage aioli.

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10. DALUMA Weinbergsweg 3, Berlin, 10119

With a wooden, white-walled location in Mitte, Daluma creates next-level vegan dishes created not just to avoid meat and remain sustainable, but to completely transform your diet from scratch. Scientists and nutritionists helped develop this spot's recipes for bowls and fresh juices and smoothies made from never-processed ingredients. The chia-based bowls come chock full of evenly divided rows of fruits, nuts, and seeds for a meal that's just as nutritious as it is utterly photographic,

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11. NENI Budapester StraĂźe 40, Berlin, 10787

Housed on the top floor of the 25hours Hotel in the hip Zoo area, Neni offers upscale Israeli cuisine with an unbeatable view over the city’s rooftops.