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Healthy Restaurants in Berlin That Don't Suck

Published On 08/17/2016 Published On 08/17/2016

The Bowl


Berlin’s first clean-eating restaurant is famous for doing vegan bowls that are anything but dainty. Breakfast and lunch are essentially heaps of colorful and organic ingredients. Take the California Bowl, for example; a pyramid of sliced avocado, fried sweet potato, lemon quinoa, and apple-carrot salad slathered in coriander salsa and superfood dressing.

Victoria Fedirko


Prenzlauer Berg

If you haven’t had a taste of the raw food trend yet, it’s time to mosey over to P’Berg, Berlin’s first fully raw vegan restaurant. Even the “well done steak” crowd will find something tasty to get into here, from smoothie bowls to smashed avocado on buckwheat. If you’re ready to jump right on the bandwagon though, the gluten-free pizza with cashew cream cheese, mushrooms, and hemp seeds is delicious -- or try the €14 tasting plate, with five mains served tapas-style.


The Store


The Store is one of Berlin’s best daytime hangouts for numerous reasons. It has big, comfortable sofas that are perfect for work, as well as an all-day menu that’s always pulling new surprises. Tack on a juice bar, indulgent brunch options (the English muffin with poached eggs, bacon, greens, and house-made hot sauce is a definite game-changer), and rotating soups and salads, and it’s no wonder that even Soho House members end up hanging out here on the ground floor all day.

Cookies Cream


This Friedrichstraße restaurant was the first in Berlin to make vegetarian cuisine less granola and more sophisticated and sexy. It’s three-course gourmet menu starts at €44, and is served in a dimly lit basement with white tablecloths, slick art, and industrial touches. Dishes change according to what’s fresh and seasonal around the region, but the Parmesan dumplings are always a mainstay to look forward to.



Pantry’s good for some of Berlin’s most adventurous and sustainable gourmet dining. Its specialty is Iberian-Pacific dishes with a little German and Asian flair. So when you see a dish called “Red Velvet” on the menu, be aware it’s not iced cake but a smooth curry coconut soup with crayfish and veggies (although that’s probably for the best anyway). Dishes are light and fresh, with lots of wild herbs and roasted nuts, and filled with fresh fruits like pomegranate and pomelo to brighten up flavor.



In the heart of Kreuzberg, mere steps from Schlesi, this vegetarian café offers a bunch of healthier takes on all the fatty street food nearby. It even has a vegan currywurst! What Rootz is best known for is its renowned vegan baking and high-piled veggie burgers, although there’s also a cheesy quesadilla loaded with corn, red pepper, and broccoli that’s pretty rad too.




Daluma is Berlin’s hipster detox headquarters, with a wide spread of clean meals, snacks, and desserts you can feel good about wolfing down. Here you can design your own beautifully layered acai bowls, breakfasts, and salads by choosing between pasta, lentils, and so on with toppings like almond-lime, tomato, and herbs. For brownie points, get your munchies to-go and enjoy them picnic-style on the sprawling greens of Volkspark am Weinberg.



Viasko’s a Berlin institution -- a rustic basement with wood furniture and the best damn vegan buffet table you’ve ever laid eyes upon. For €13, dig into a plate of cooked (and raw) salads, tiny sandwiches, dips, vegetable lasagna, cakes, and more… and then score seconds, and thirds, and so on. Because it's such a hit, reservations are a must.

Goodies Berlin


Friedrichshain & other locations

Berlin’s biggest veggie café chain -- with its four locations -- always hits the spot. Its salads make for the perfect grab-and-go, as they're served in plastic containers with layers of quinoa, chickpeas, and tons of other vegetables. Its main location is right on Warschauer Straße, just a short walk from the station and Berghain -- because nothing speeds up recovery from a 12-hour techno party better than a detox fruit smoothie.

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1. The Bowl Warschauer Str. 33, Berlin, 10243

Whoever insists that vegetarians and vegans don't have healthy appetites has obviously never been to The Bowl. This Friedrichshain spot lets their ceiling-high bowls and salads decorate their modern-industrial space -- brightly colored fruits and vegetables create heaping meals that are entirely vegan and entirely satisfying, like the tower of sliced avocado, fried sweet potato, lemon quinoa, and apple-carrot salad slathered in coriander salsa and superfood dressing, otherwise known as the California Bowl.

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2. Rawtastic Danziger Str. 16, Berlin, 10435

Rawtastic operates under the premise that foods exposed to extreme heats are stripped of enzymes an nutrients, and therefore serves up vegan fare that's (you guessed it) entirely raw. Those who knock it before they try it are often left astounded at the flavorful and filling nature of berry-based chia bowls, mushroom burgers wrapped in lettuce, and their miraculously crispy, uncooked pizza made with cream cheese and avocado.

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3. The Store Kitchen 1 TorstraĂźe, Berlin, 10119

The Store Kitchen is one of the best cafés in the city for slaying laptop work -- with plenty of comfy seats, a juice bar, a barber, and, upstairs, the Soho House. And as if the bright and airy interior weren't already inviting you to spend your whole day there, the decadent lunch and dinner menu packed with savory orders will have you calling this place your own kitchen in no time.

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4. Cookies Cream Behrenstr. 55, Berlin, 10117

Once you duck into the alley next to The Westin Grand and around the corner to the back of the building, you'll be dazzled by one of Berlin's only vegetarian elite dining experience complete with white tablecloths, chandeliers, and city views. In small yet flavorful portions, quail eggs lie in perfectly circular brioche nests, ratatouille sports pearled barley necklaces, and grilled pineapple desserts sit atop foamy coconut sorbet.

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5. Pantry Friedrichstr. 120, Berlin, 10117

Mitte-based Pantry's specialty is Ibero-Pacific cuisine, and that means it's fully stocked on fish- and vegetable-centric dishes. Putting a little bit of German and Japanese flair into each item on the constantly changing menu, expert chefs embrace wild herbs with open arms with mains like Scottish salmon Tataki with jalapeno, cucumber, and ginger-espuma alongside Red Velvet, not a dessert, but a thick red coconut curry with crayfish.

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6. Rootz Skalitzer Str. 76-83, Berlin, 10997

A minimal black and white cafe with a splash of pink, Rootz dishes out vegetarian and vegan food in Wrangelkiez that can stand toe-to-toe with Berlin's street vendors. Vegan currywurst, cheesy quesadillas, and towering veggie burgers can satiate a junk food craving, and fresh desserts baked every day will silence sweet teeth, but those wanting to stick to something healthier need not look past the daily changing special.

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7. DALUMA Weinbergsweg 3, Berlin, 10119

With a wooden, white-walled location in Mitte, Daluma creates next-level vegan dishes created not just to avoid meat and remain sustainable, but to completely transform your diet from scratch. Scientists and nutritionists helped develop this spot's recipes for bowls and fresh juices and smoothies made from never-processed ingredients. The chia-based bowls come chock full of evenly divided rows of fruits, nuts, and seeds for a meal that's just as nutritious as it is utterly photographic,

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8. Viasko Erkelenzdamm 49, Berlin, 10999

This dungeon-esque, geek-chic basement in Kreuzberg is the last place you'd expect to find one of the best and biggest vegan buffets in the city, but nevertheless, it's here. Avocado fritters and fried tempeh are regular players in their rotating selection along with staples like hummus, a few sandwiches here and there, and as always, cake of some sort. Berlin's veggie and meat-eaters alike flock to Viasko for these 13 Euro delights, so a reservation is the best way to secure your spot.

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9. Goodies Warschauer Str. 69, Berlin, 10243

Berlin's favorite vegetarian chain slings salads across the city with grab-and-go bowls brimming with quinoa, chickpeas and tons of other vegetables. Steps away from the metro, Goodies supplies the solution to the stale, unhealthy lunch breaks with other sandwiches and wraps (like the arugula-laden Little Italy or a tofu-topped wheat bagel) and over-caffeinated breakfasts with freshly pressed juices and smoothies.