Presenting the best things to open in the city since its Western half: these eight restos, who’re already buzzing the city’s food scene, and’re ready to rock 2014, including one to look forward to come January. Behold:

Cocolo Ramen X-Berg

Name: Cocolo Ramen X-Berg
Open now
Why You Should Care: Berlin’s ramen darling (included in our Great 8) has finally opened a larger/more awesome location on Kreuzberg’s Paul-Lincke-Ufer. They’ve expanded the menu to incl. lunch options like rice bowls, ramen w/ smoked chicken & extra starters. Plus there is outdoor patio seating b/c Berlin will get warm again. In six months.

Muse Berlin

Name: Muse Berlin
Open now
Why You Should Care: The couples from vaunted supper clubs Thyme and Zuhause have just opened this brick and mortar. Their lineup of awesome guest chefs & dinners isn’t the only reason to check out the Prenzlauer Berg spot, which feels like a vintage decked living room -- definitely check out the solid lunch menu, w/ dishes like the Das Beef (slow-braised brisket w/ comté) & Montreal Currywurst (poutine-ized wurst).


Name: Lamazère
Open now
Why You Should Care: This French brasserie has just cut the ribbon in the West Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg, and's already crazy busy. Chef Régis Lamazère is the son of a Parisian star chef who owned a restaurant near the Champs Elysées, and he brings that top quality flavor & charm to Berlin w/ dishes like escargots, pork confit, and tarte tatin.

Microsoft Digital Eatery

Name: Microsoft Digital Eatery
Open now
Why You Should Care: So, this isn’t just a lawsuit-baiting hipster name. This resto is literally run by Microsoft -- they’re using it to showcase their coolest tech, none of which is actually for sale, but rather available for a test drive while you eat. The café-like space has a stocked book shelf, mural artwork & simple menu from local catering gurus Fox & Goose, that highlights local produce and includes soups, pastas & sandos.


Name: Sauvage
Open now
Why You Should Care: Billed as "the world’s first paleo restaurant" (probably about 12k years too late for that one, but whatever), Sauvage opened in Kreuzberg in 2011 to bring Berlin the best meatcentric menu possible. Their sister spot opened just now in Prenzlauer Berg w/ an equally proteinous menu which they claim enhances "fat burning and sex drive". We’re sure you’ll have no problem testing that out for yourself w/ dishes like apple-fed pork belly & filet mignon w/ wild mushrooms.

Stjepan Sedlar

Name: Dean
Open now
Why You Should Care: The former site of once legendary club Delicious Doughnuts reopened in mid-October to the delight of Mitte’s partiers. Coming from the design-minded folks over at Amano, the bar-club’s black & gold décor, promising lineup of disco & soul DJs, and drinks from Philip Bischoff (Amano Bar) & Tino Hiller (Reingold) adds a frankly pretty awesome nightlife option to this strip of Rosenthaler Strasse.


Name: Jää-äär
Open now
Why You Should Care: Germans like their umlauts -- those little dots above about half of their vowels -- but this brand new folksy café/bar takes it to the awesome extreme, using the Estonian word for “edge of the ice” as their name. (Get schooled on how to say it here.) Challenging your tongue in a more pleasant way, the menu boasts  homey dishes like apple cheesecake, cabbage pie, and garlic bread. They also serve rum-style Estonia liquor & will host upcoming exhibitions, readings & movies nights.

Twenty five hours Hotels

Name: Neni Berlin at Twenty Five Hours Hotel
Opening: January 2014
Why You Should Care: The forthcoming Twenty Five Hours is set to be one awesome sleepery w/ a bikini lounge, sauna w/ a view of the zoo, and a penthouse restaurant from the Austrian Middle Eastern brand Neni, overlooking the nearby Tiergarten park. The Israeli-inspired menu will likely feature Chef Haya Molcho’s trademark dishes like flavored hummus and Jerusalem-style mezze. The hotel is set to open in January, but if you want to get a peek now, head over to the Ku’Damm space, where Burger de Ville is camped out front.

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1. Cocolo Ramen X-Berg Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, Berlin, 10999 (Kreuzberg)

Located in Kreuzberg, this ramen haven has a large menu including lunch options such as rice bowls, and ramen with smoked chicken and extra starters. And in the warmer seasons, there's some sweet outside seating.

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2. Muse Immanuelkirchstr. 31, Berlin, 10405 (Prenzlauerberg)

This Prenzlauer Berg resto builds mighty gourmet sandwiches during the week (making it a popular lunch spot), and on the weekend, it plays host to a supper club that features a variety of guests chefs.

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3. Lamazère Stuttgarter Platz 18, Berlin, 10627 (Charlottenberg)

This West Berlin brasserie is helmed by Chef Régis Lamazère, cooking up classy French fare such as escargots, pork confit, and tarte tatin.

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4. Microsoft Digital Eatery Unter den Linden 17, Berlin, 10117 (Kreuzberg)

Not only can you order up great soups, pastas, and sammies (made with local produce) here, you can also test out the latest Microsoft products first-hand.

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5. Sauvage – Prenzlauer Berg Winsstraße 30, Berlin, 10405 (Prenzlauerberg)

This sister restaurant to the Kreuzberg location with the same name, this one opened in October 2013 and serves up a heat-heavy menu featuring options like apple-fed pork belly and filet mignon.

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6. DEAN Rosenthaler Strasse 9, Berlin, 10119 (Mitte)

Rocking a decor of black and gold, Dean lines up promising disco and soul DJs and crafts some highly coveted specialty cocktails.

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7. Jää-äär Brunnenstr 56, Berlin, 13355 (Wedding)

Their name is the Estonian word for "ice age", but their food and drink is def. modern, with items such as apple cheesecake, garlic bread, and cabbage pie.



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