Berliners love a new opening (breweries, food trucks, the whole other half of the city, etc.), so we tracked down the finest new eateries to cut the ribbon over the last few months...

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La Soupe Populaire
Prenzlauer Berg
Although the name might suggest that this new restaurant would be a temple to “popular soup”, in fact it's supposed to mean “food for the people” (languages are weird, huh?). Also, despite the French name, the food is proudly German, with a menu consisting of lamb, veal, spicy pork, potatoes and beetroot, etc. Michelin-starred foodsmith Tim Raue has not only crafted the menu, but also secured a number of exclusive, special edition wines to go with each course. Surprisingly reasonable prices, too!

Jack Howard

A short walk from the glistening shops of Kurfürstendamm, Glass offers a six- or eight-course menu with carefully matched wines. Dishes are small but perfectly formed, and headline acts include a choice of octopus or rump steak. Vegetarian? You'll get your very own menu.

Jack Howard

THE POST at Wyndham Grand Hotel
Potsdamer Platz
The recently opened spot at the Wyndham Grand near Potsdamer Platz is already making a name for itself as one of Berlin’s best destinations for a killer fillet steak. The menu is Mediterranean-inspired, making for a pretty decent escape from Berlin’s absurdly prolonged Winter.

Jack Howard

Berlin has become the capital city of pop-up experiences, from cinema to opera, and the latest temporary eatery to go brick-and-mortar is Mercosy; a Korean-fusion kimchi temple run by two local Germans and their Korean crew. It's all pretty casual and reasonably priced, but the food is nothing less than fantastic.

Jack Howard

There’s a new contender for best burger in town. Sauerkraut is a German-American restaurant with a competitive and creative menu of homemade wurst and all-American burgers. Diners can take their pick from an extensive list of different types of these meat favorites, from veal with truffles, to pork with apple & coriander -- but stick to the wurst for an authentic German experience.


Take a stroll west of Kreuzberg and you’ll end up in the postcard-esque surroundings of Schöneberg. This sleek Mediterranean resto serves a classic menu that runs from signature Belmér couscous (served with merguez, chicken, scampi, and vegetables), to a fresh selection of fish (such as mussels and sea bass), and it's all delicious.

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1. La Soupe Populaire Prenzlauer Allee 242, Berlin, 10405 (Prenzlauerberg)

La Soupe Populaire aims to combines art and the culinary arts, with a comfortable contemporary interior and meal concepts designed by Tim Raue. Enjoy your pleasant surroundings while chowing down on meals that you can piece together from a choice of four appetizers, four main courses, and two desserts.

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2. Glass Uhlandstrasse 195, Berlin, 10623 (Charlottenberg)

Just a brief walk from Kurfürstendamm, this upscale resto offers a six- or eight-course menu, which also includes carefully selected wine to pair with your meal.

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3. THE POST Hallesche Str. 10-14, Berlin, 10963

Located at the Wyndham Grand Hotel near Potsdamer Platz, THE POST is one of the best spots in all of the city for steak, as well as their tantalizing creme brûlée.

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4. Mercosy Dresdener Str. 11, Berlin, 10999 (Kreuzberg)

This Kreuzberg hot-spot used to be a pop-up supper club, but it garnered so much success that it made the leap to a brick and mortar spot serving up Korean-fusion fare.

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5. Sauerkraut Weinbergsweg 25, Berlin, 10119 (Mitte)

These guys flip one of the best burgers in town, not too mention an extensive menu loaded with other German and American favorites, from veal with truffles to pork with apple and coriander.

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6. Belmér Belziger Straße 34, Berlin, 10823 (Schoneber)

This Schöneberg resto doles out all the hallmarks of traditional Mediterranean fare, such as couscous and a variety of different fish dishes.



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