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Berlin’s 8 Best Pizza Spots

Published On 08/05/2015 Published On 08/05/2015
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Trattoria Pizzeria Masaniello
Courtesy of Fratelli La Bionda
Abu Zaid A. Tal
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1. Il Casolare Grimmstraße 30, Berlin, 10967

Il Casolare sits on one of the prettiest corners in Kreuzberg, right on the banks of the Landwehrkanal and across from the famed Admiralbrücke. All of its thin-crust pizzas are fantastic, but the grilled aubergine pizza is tops.

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2. Ristorante Masaniello Hasenheide 20, Berlin, 10967

The long-running Masaniello is so legit it possesses a “Guaranteed Traditional Specialty” certificate from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. You really can't go wrong in terms of ordering, but sometimes simplest is best: order a margherita pizza and just enjoy.

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3. 'A Magica Greifenhagener Straße 54, Berlin, 10437

This cozy spot is a local favorite with all the classics on offer, but if you're looking for something special try the “Magiche” (magical) pizzas, which include toppings like grilled radicchio, pickled asparagus, marinated shrimp, or mint pesto.

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4. ZOLA Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39, Berlin, 10999

This trendy spot is a favorite among hipsters, students, and startup workers who frequent this part of Kreuzberg. The decor is simple, the pizza crust paper-thin, and the wood-burning oven blazing.

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5. Fratelli La Bionda Bergmannstraße 31, Berlin, 10961

The interior looks like '50s Italy and the staff is a bit punk rebel -- it's easy to see why this pizza spot has been a favorite in Kreuzberg for years. Get the Diavola, essentially a margherita graced with some spicy ‘nduja.

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6. Standard Pizza Templiner Straße 7, Berlin, 10119

You know the pizza here is good because it's even popular with true Italians. The space is hip and bright, and the wood-fired crusts are complimented by classic flavors like Margherita or more local flavors like Taste of Brandenburg, with potato, wild boar sausage, and rosemary.

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7. I Due Forni Schönhauser Allee 12, Berlin, 10119

This Mitte Italian spot is well known for being a stupendous pizza spot, and the the walls of this cavernous resto are covered in graffiti, making for a unique environment for sure.

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8. Gasthaus Figl Urbanstraße 47, Berlin, 10967

This spot is meant to emulate the Alto Adige, or South Tyrol area, and combines a German guesthouse with an Italian pizzeria. The pizza is a bit heavier than an Italian thin-crust, and comes with a range of more traditional and more unique toppings.