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The 8 best brunches in Berlin

Published On 09/16/2014 Published On 09/16/2014

It’s the most important hybrid meal of the day, and all too often people miss it entirely. We are, of course, talking about brunch. Here are the best spots to get some mid-morning/afternoon meal action in Berlin...


Cabslam - The California Breakfast Slam

Cabslam is staunchly all-American, boasting a brunchable menu of only hearty flavors and massive portions.
What you're getting: The Black Bean Huevos Rancheros, two organic eggs dripping in pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream -- it will require a couple trouser buttons to be undone.

Facebook/Melbourne Canteen

Melbourne Canteen

The first proper meal of the day gets to be boozy at Melbourne Canteen, with its signature, notoriously smooth Bloody Mary. Besides hair of the dog, it’s also the perfect accompaniment to the Australian restaurant’s delicious eggs. 
What you're getting: Eggs Benny & corn fritters to go with your Mary(s)



Avril’s Sunday brunch spread is delightfully overwhelming, from stacked cheese platters to fruit salad, quarks, and cakes. Seconds and thirds are encouraged.
What you're getting: Everything, in several sittings

Facebook/Bastard Berlin


All of Bastard’s bread is baked in a stone oven in-house, so expect nothing but the freshest toast and buns. Those with a sweet tooth should try the brioche spread with goat cheese, jam, and honey.
What you're getting: Spring for the mixed breakfast platter, and get a slew of different meats, cheeses, spreads, pâtés, and fruits.

Facebook/Fräulein Dickes

Fräulein Dickes

Prenzlauer Berg
This vintage-inspired café in Prenzlauer Berg serves up strong cups of Joe and brunch platters festooned with colorful vegetables & dips.
What you're getting: Whatever it is, follow it with some of their cake -- it's incredible.

Facebook/Markthalle Neun

Breakfast Market at Markthalle Neun

Despite the name, this place is one of the better brunch spots in the city -- every third Sunday of the month, Markthalle Neun’s corridors are lined with multi-culti goodies, from German brezeln to Vietnamese porridge. You can also browse through household stuff like cookbooks and teacups at the vendors, too.
What you're getting: With so many great vendors, you need to just go pot luck on this one.

Wikimedia Commons/Manfred Brueckels

Winterfeldtplatz Market

Wednesdays & Saturdays are when farmers, artisans, and foodies congregate at Berlin’s biggest weekly market. The brunching opportunities are bountiful here, from fresh Russian blinis to baguettes drenched in gooey raclette cheese.
What you're getting: Chorizo & eggs from one of the Italian deli spots

Facebook/Nalu Diner

Nalu Diner

Prenzlauer Berg
Nalu Diner’s all-American eats are loaded up with only the most satisfying, but sort of unhealthy menu fillers you get in every US breakfast spot -- but that means free-flow coffee for €1.50, too.
What you're getting: One of the “Griddle Combos” w/ bacon, hash browns, eggs, and pancakes soaking in butter & maple syrup

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1. The California Breakfast Slam Innstrasse 47, Berlin, 12045 (Neukoln)

The brunch at CBS will take your tastebuds on a trip to the Left Coast of the States, serving traditional 'Merican morning faves like bacon & eggs, fluffy pancakes, and hash browns.

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2. Melbourne Canteen Pannierstr. 57, Berlin, 12047 (Neukoln)

Offering simple meal options, fantastic 'tails, and a service "inspired by the fresh and exciting culinary experience of Melbourne cafe culture", this Neukolln is a good bet for breakfast or drinks.

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3. Avril Graefestr. 83, Berlin, 10967 (Kreuzberg)

This Kreuzberg spot features a lovely 80-seat dining room and 50 more seats outside to enjoy a meal, the best of which is a Sunday brunch spread that's delightfully overwhelming, with stacked cheese platters, fruit salad, cakes, and more.

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4. Bastard Reichenberger Str. 122, Berlin, 10999 (Kreuzberg)

This Kreuzberg cafe is a pleasant spot to grab breakfast or lunch, especially because their bread is baked in-house in a stone oven, so expect fresh toast and buns for your morning meal and afternoon sammies.

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5. Fräulein Dickes Stargarder Str. 60, Berlin, 10437 (Prenzlauerberg)

This vintage-inspired café in Prenzlauer Berg serves up strong cups of coffee and brunch platters festooned with colorful vegetables and dips.

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6. Markthalle Neun Eisenbahnstraße 42, Berlin, 10997 (Kreuzberg)

Run out of a giant 120-year-old building, Markthalle Neun is a weekly market featuring food, crafts, and tons of other stuff to buy.

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7. Winterfeldtplatz Market Winterfeldtplatz, Berlin, 10781 (Schoneber)

This weekly farmers market in Schöneberg features a variety of goods and fresh food, including an array of brunch foods from fresh Russian blinis to French baguettes.

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8. Nalu Diner Dunckerstr. 80a, Berlin, 10437 (Prenzlauerberg)

This is basically and American diner, through and through, serving a host of classic breakfast options, as well as a juicy burger and also serving drinks in cheap plastic cups (free refills!).



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