A steakhouse for South Street

You can come home with many things from South St., from a tattoo, to a risque t-shirt, to a terrifyingly true story about how you saw the Great Nippulini totally swing an engine block from his moobs, to a water ice! And now beef, thanks to Black Angus Steakhouse and Social Club.

Sitting in the cavernous former home of Tori's, Angus is a western-themed house o' meat, with light-colored wooden tables, brown upholstered booths and banquettes, and an equal mix of jazz instruments/photos and southwestern kitsch on the walls, making for the oddest combo of jazz and cowboys since John Wayne carried a sax-shooter. Menu items not based on cattle include braised lamb chops, a boneless herb-marinated chicken breast w/ seasoned butter, half a chicken fried in a special "western" batter called the Wild Western Chicken, and pan-seared salmon served over sherry-glazed carrot strips, also Carrot Top's unsurprising new act. The formerly mooing portion of the menu includes a 14oz ribeye with a mushroom or roasted garlic glaze, a seven-seasoned New York strip, an 18oz T-Bone grilled "just right", and a 24oz porter house, which isn't truly a Porter Home without a cheery Super Bowl trophy case and a breathalyzer.

The joint's got two full-service bars serving up any cocktail you can name plus a healthy selection of wines and domestic draughts, and on Friday/Saturday nights and Sunday during brunch, they're trotting out a crew of musicians for live jazz performances that'll keep the place so swinging, it oughta be attached to Nippulini's chest, right after the chain-linked bowling balls.