Fancy grilled cheeses in Back Bay

Because you can't eat Ranch & Herb Crusted Shake 'N Bake pork chops every night, take Tuesdays off to hit Bistro du Midi's downstairs cafe, where they'll be slinging three fancy $5 French grilled cheeses once a week and pairing each with a different craft cocktail. Take a seat at this here downstairs bar. Don't go upstairs -- they won't serve you croques up there.Grab all that salad in the middle and put it in your pocket for later. Then crush this duck confit and goat cheese croque w/ basil pistou. Let Marie Antoinette eat cake with all the poor people, while you take down this traditional French-style ham & cheese monsieur. Wash down all that non-cake with a cocktail like this vodka and muddled blueberry number dubbed the On Thyme, likely because it's garnished with lemongrass or rosemary or something. In case you gave up meat for Lent, they've got you covered once Lent actually starts with this cheesy pup loaded with zucchini, eggplant and black olives.