Popular Bay Village sandwich shop triumphantly returns

Though both Mike and Patty have gone the way of Elvis and left the building, before they did they managed to pass the keys and name of their popular Bay Village lunchery on to one of their longtime sandwichiers, who -- with the help of some friends -- has reopened the doors and brought back all the original meat-friendly classics. Behold:If the top-pictured fried egg, cheddar, and avocado number on toasted multigrain doesn't catch your fancy, that's too bad since that's its actual name, The Fancy. But maybe you'd prefer this North South Classic w/ peameal bacon and collards on an English muffin.Still the same tiny six-seater with the menu board you'll remember from the last time you were there with that girl Nicole you briefly dated in 2008...Lunch-goers can enthusiastically text their friends about sandwiches like the grilled gruyere Charles or the beloved poblano pepper Torta with refritos, avocado, and jicama slaw the new owners just brought back from the dead, unlike a certain chubby Memphis singer.