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Your ready-to-grill romantic meal

As you've no doubt already wowed her in years past with your ability to make dinner reservations at Bertucci's, this Valentine's Day wow her instead with the size of your meat. No, literally, the size of the filet mignon that's part of AP's ready-to-grill romantic dinner package lovingly curated with everything you need to cook up a dinner so sexy she'll forget you told her to "only order from the right side of the menu" last year.

Set the mood to "dry hump" with this heart-shaped block of "Couer du Berry" soft goat cheese from France. No, it's not also an ice cream sandwich.

Since you can't put goat cheese on Better Cheddars, perhaps a fresh-baked baguette will do

Scientists point out that girls who like root vegetables are more likely to "do it". Or something. Don't look that up.

As previously alluded to, it also comes with two of these handsome center-cut filet mignons.

Finally, bring it all home with an adorably wrapped box of artisan chocolates from Somerville fave EHChocolatier.