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Masala scrambles, Japanese meatballs, and $4.50 cocktails

Starting this weekend, Central Square's Moksa is debuting an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet that blends traditional day-starting sustenance with eclectic Asian vittles, and washes it all down with a lineup of crazy brunch 'tails that surprisingly don't start with: "So you'll never guess who I saw Frenching Joe Epstein outside the bathrooms at Clery's". No, the sandwiches pictured above are not Asian Sausage McMuffins (though that would be sweet). As they're actually miso eggplant steamed buns.Wake up with this sake and hibiscus grenadine Moksa Sunshine. But maybe don't brag to your buddies about the whole "hibiscus grenadine" part. These are not the traditional scrambled eggs you're looking for. Because they're actually a chili-infused Masala Scramble. Bonus points for eating them with chopsticks. NOTE: Japanese curried hash browns do NOT come "smothered and covered". Think that Sunshine was a bit too manly? Then maybe you should opt for this sake & grapefruit Mi-Moksa. Oh hello, omelet station. Just like Mr. Epstein, you too can finish strong with this coffee/whiskey Chocolate Irish Cream.