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Scotch eggs and brown booze in Davis

In 1788, famed Scottish bard Robert Burns wrote the words you now sing on New Year's Eve before sloppily trying to make out with people you don't even like. So -- in order to celebrate his birth and your inopportune makeouts -- Davis Sqr's Saloon is throwing a whiskey-soaked, three-courser that eschews traditional haggis for more actually sweet Scottish fare and pairs each dish with aged brown booze

Settle in at the bar with your tattered copy of So I Married an Axe Murderer and casually imbibe one of over 120 varieties of whiskey whilst awaiting the arrival of your Grub Street poetry group.

After snagging a dimly lit table in the corner, dinner is officially served in the form of these Scotch Eggs over lox paired with Ledaig 10 Year from the Isle of Mull, a place where everyone takes a long time to think things over.

Mull over that last joke, then appreciate this Scottish prime rib meat pie matched up with Glenrothes Alba.

Finally, finish strong with a Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or from the Western Highlands and this decadent "tipsy" trifle, something that also pretty accurately describes your actions on New Year's Eve.

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