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Pot pies and pints on cold Tuesday nights

Doing their best to ensure you don't spend the cold Winter months nesting through endless hours of Empty Nest, Sweet Cheeks has teamed up with Harpoon and Uber for a once-a-week Winter meal designed not only to warm the cockles of your innards but also -- wait, that sounds wrong. What sounds right, though, is dropping $25 to get all of this:

The above-pictured pint of Harpoon's nutmeg and cinnamon-tinged Winter Warmer served, of course, in one of SC's recognizable Mason jars.

Hot biscuits with honey butter. You know them, you love them, you want them. And they shall be yours

Once you've tucked a baker's dozen biscuits in your North Face, choose from among a handful of off-menu entrees that include a Texas-Style Shepherd's Pie, gumbo made with said aforementioned Harpoon Winter Warmer, or a Short Rib Pot Pie

Since it's likely too cold for your normal transportation (above, obviously), Cheeks've worked out a deal with Uber to ensure first-time users score a $25 credit.