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A return to 'bartending', smoked nuts, and other predictions the Mayans would probably get wrong

If you're reading this then the Mayans clearly got it wrong, which is why we're not going to ask them to expound on next year's hot new food trends, and instead tap the Hub's top epicurean movers and shakers to tell us what our edible/drinkable future will look like.

Max Toste, Proprietor of Deep Ellum & Lone Star Taco Bar"I'd like to see a shift away from 'mixology' and a return to 'bartending'. Good service will never go out of fashion.

Aaron Cohen, Founder of Eat Boston"Has there been a sausage trend yet? I think sausages could get huge. I wish pretzels would become a trend. Pie never really got its full time in the sun, so that would be a good one. Big fan of pie. I also think smoked nuts, and nuts in general, are going to hit hard in the next year or so."

John Mayer, Beverage Director at Local 149"I predict that cocktail bars and bar patrons will stop pretending to be against sweetness. It seems we've spent so much time fighting the cloying, syrupy beverages of the past couple decades that we're afraid to enjoy cocktails (and wine!) that have some... 'well-balanced' sweet elements. Let's embrace a little sugar (or honey, or agave, or maple, etc.) in a well-crafted cocktail. Let's embrace austere and eloquent Rieslings and the like. We're genetically predisposed to enjoy sweetness. Let's just be judiciously proud of its place in beverage."

Michael Moxley, Owner of Coda, The Salty Pig, Canary Square"The burger craze will end.

Manny Gonzales, Bar Manager at Saloon"That mezcal will be the next hot spirit. It’s a great spirit to work with if you understand its flavors and complexities."

Richard Garcia, Executive Chef of the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel/606 Congress"I think seafood will continue to gain strength. We're focused across the culinary community on showcasing what our local fisherman have to offer. The fact that we can now trace seafood back to its source in some instances, I think is helping the industry catch up to the farm-to-fork movement.

Demetri Tsolakis, Director of Operations at Cafeteria"2013 will bring more Greek/Mediterranean influences, especially in fast food. I'm excited because the Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, and we all need to be more health-conscious.

Chris Sherman, VP & Marketing Director at Island Creek Oysters"Oodles of noodles.

Eric Gburski, Executive Chef at Estelle’s"My hopeful prediction is that the Red Sox will have a better year. No more fried chicken and a cup of beer in their clubhouse; it's now at Estelle's!

Steve DiFillippo, Owner of Davio’s and Avila Modern Mediterranean"Gluten-free is going to take over. We used to have one or two [gluten-free] guests a month, now we have five or six a night."