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5 late-night menus you should try this weekend

Boston As the evening gets later, the tastiness of your dining options invariably dwindles, which is pretty unfair, because as you consume more drinks over the course of an evening, your stomach becomes more and more in need of deliciousness. Lucky for you, these five Boston spots have your back, even if you accidentally drank your way through dinner.

JM Curley (click for menu)
Downtown Crossing
When you feel the need to feed, the no-nonsense DX outpost JM Curley has plenty of options (Sun-Wed 10pm-1am, Thur-Sat 11pm-1am). For sharing, try Curley’s Cracka Jack (caramel candied popcorn & bacon, roasted peanuts, PLUS a prize inside) or Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs (tomato, horseradish, Worcestershire, celery salt, beef jerky). Hungrier than that? Stuff your face with a burger or the Chicken Lil' Sando (fried chicken thigh, biscuit, spicy aioli, pickles, fries). Top off your evening with vanilla ice cream concretes like The Crunchy Hipster (white fudge pretzels, bacon, M&M’s, Butterfingers) or the boozier Grand Finale (Berkshire Bourbon-soaked blueberries, cookie dough).

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Lucca (click for menu)
Multiple Locations
If you’re craving an Italian feast (after your beer fest) then head to either Lucca location (North End, Back Bay) for their late-night/ bar menu (every day, 5pm-12:15am). The expansive selection ranges from small plates (homemade meatballs, Gorgonzola-stuffed cherry peppers), to pizzas (the Anatra with duck leg confit, fig puree, goat cheese, caramelized onions), and all the way to large plates of pasta (broccoli rabe and sausage) and a 6oz sliced NY sirloin (with grilled romaine, red onions, wild mushrooms, horseradish aioli). Congratulations, you’re full. And extra sleepy.

Tavern Road (click for menu)
Fort Point Channel
As you’re stumbling home from the Seaport District, stop by Tavern Road for an eclectic array of comfort foods (Sun-Wed 11pm-12am, Thur-Sat 11pm-1am). Chef DiBiccari (Sel de la Terre) offers tempting treats such as lamb meatballs (harissa vinaigrette, yogurt) or sandwiches like the porchetta (broccoli rabe, mustard on a baguette), crispy pork pate (pickled veggies, cilantro aioli on a baguette), or steak & cheese (hot peppers, caramelized onions on ciabatta). This should work out well for you.

City Table (click for menu)
Back Bay
City Table, tucked inside the Lenox Hotel, is a semi-hidden haven with elevated American fare for late-night dining (Thur-Sat 11pm-1am). Chef Sean MacAlpine must be psychic, because he knows you’ll need apps like Crispy Chicken Tacos (mint pico de gallo, grilled corn salsa, lime crema), House Made Potato Chips (truffle and chive dipping sauce), and Grilled Flatbread Pizza (pancetta, broccoli rabe, pine nuts, preserved lemon). For the famished, try the Steak Frites (grilled skirt steak, parmesan truffle fries, house-made steak sauce) or the City Table Burger (1/2lb blend of porterhouse, brisket & chuck, plus local cheddar, tomato, pickled onion, potato bread bun, fries).

The Squealing Pig (click for menu)
Roxbury Crossing
Sometimes only a giant burger (with serious bacon) will set you straight at the end of the night, and The Squealing Pig’s got you covered daily from 11pm-1am. The aptly named Pig Burger (1/2lb patty with thick-cut, smoked bacon, chipotle onions, Gorgonzola) and/or the Pig’s B.L.T. (bacon, arugula, roasted tomato, Hellman's mayo) both get the job done and come with some spectacular hand-cut fries.