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#BDOYL. It's here, Boston.


Get ready, because it's finally here. That thing you've been waiting for since at least last week, when we reminded you it was coming. That thing you've warmed up your tweeting and Instagramming muscles for, and called in sick to work to experience. Not the Mrs. Carter tour -- that's next month! No, this is something even better: the Best Day of Your Life

This epic day is going to last for a ridiculous 15h and 13min, and you're gonna squeeze the fun out of every second with this sexy, Thrillist-approved itinerary (plus this mobile version, which'll let you save the whole thing to your Foursquare app) that lays out all the best things the Hub has to offer, like:

  • Lunch on us (if you get there early) at Charlie's Kitchen**
  • Dollar oysters at the Barking Crab*
  • Complimentary nachos with your purchase at the Rattlesnake*
  • $3 craft beer cans, half priced fondue & chicken wing apps, and a $5 Cask Ale at Stoddard's*

  • Don't forget to follow the action here, brag about all the fun you're gonna have on Twitter with the hashtag #BDOYL, and bring out friends, co-workers, girlfriends, wives, and anyone else in your life who really, really likes fun

*You'll need to check in on Foursquare for those ones**While supplies last on the freebies at Charlie's Kitchen -- first come, first served