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The Best Boston Brunches You Can Enjoy From Home

Send some Mother’s Day brunch to mom.

Brunch is everything you want in a meal: carbs, casual dress code, and day drinking. And as it happens, these are also the things you want in a lockdown. And while Benedicts are largely off the table -- though not completely! -- there are still many brunch menus out there that will elevate your midday meal to event dining status (you’re on your own with the mimosas). Just in time for Mother’s Day, here is the definitive guide to the best brunches currently available by takeout or delivery.

Trident Booksellers & Cafe

Back Bay
First off, did you know they’re delivering books? So ponder your reading order as you also choose your “brunch for two” package. Go healthy with the a tofu scramble and veggie juices, or go full bore with chicken and waffles, corned beef tacos, or the Truck Stop (two homemade muffins, four scrambled eggs, two pancakes, home fries, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or Beyond sausage). To seal the deal, add in a jigsaw puzzle and sparkling white wine.
How to order: Order online for pickup or delivery


Your Sunday bagel hankering doesn’t go away just because you’re trapped at home. Goldilocks co-owners Lindsey Gaudet and Ed Thill know this as much as anyone, which is why they’re working overtime to make their cult fave bagels available for takeout. You can order anything from six to 36 bagels, plus spreads, lox, and cookies -- the exact ingredients for a soothing brunch spread at home. 
How to order: Pre-order online for weekend pickup; order link goes up Monday around noon

Monument Tavern

Alas, the bacon Benedict has been tabled for the moment. (That can be your first in-person brunch order when the restaurant reopens.) But the Saturday and Sunday to-go brunch menu still contains many indulgent delights, including pastrami Reuben hash, fried chicken with biscuits, a smoothie bowl, and lemon and poppy seed buttermilk pancakes. Sandwiches and pizzas are also available -- as are three different margarita mixes. 
How to order: Call 617.337.5191, order online for pickup, or order delivery through Caviar

Deep Ellum

More restaurants need to devote themselves to brunch-worthy hot dogs. Plan to debate the subject with a mouthful of to-go dog courtesy of Deep Ellum. The kimchi dog is a brunch star, but other classics await: avocado toast, French toast, a breakfast burrito, and duck confit hash. As was the case during normal times, brunch runs until 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday, so no need to change out of your PJs (like that was happening anyway). We do strongly suggest, however, that you add some Bloody Mary mix to your order.
How to order: Order online for takeout

Lulu Green

South Boston
Maybe you should try to break up your seven-week carb fest with something a little healthier. The Southie plant-based restaurant is offering brunch takeout Wednesday through Sunday, including chia pudding, avocado toast, protein shakes, and smoothies -- and have also added Iggie’s bagels to their weekly pre-order menu (order by Thursday to pick up on Saturday). 
How to order: Order online for takeout and order delivery from Caviar

China Pearl

Doesn’t dim sum sound simply divine right now? Brian Moy, owner of Shojo, Ruckus, and BLR by Shojo, has also launched Chinatown Delivers, offering pickup orders from Teado, New Dong Khanh, and China Pearl, his father’s restaurant. The latter is part of the city’s dim sum old guard, and its full menu, from dumplings to rice noodles to spring rolls, is still available to order. (We’ve already done it once, and let us just say that it got us through several days of lockdown.)
How to order: Order pickup through Chinatown Delivers

Citrus & Salt

South End/Back Bay
Jason Santos hustled to create the perfect remote brunch solution. His brunch box to go, available on Sundays from 11am-2pm beginning May 5, includes two chicken and waffle tacos with jalapeno syrup as well as two splits of champagne and watermelon soft serve for Frozen Mimosas.
How to order: Call 833.324.8787 or order online for pickup and order delivery through DoorDash or Uber Eats

The Paramount

Beacon Hill
Nothing, not even a pandemic, can keep you from your favorite corned beef hash. Not only is The Paramount still chugging along with its classic breakfast offerings -- pancakes, omelettes, waffles, breakfast toast -- but it’s serving a limited, all-day breakfast menu throughout the week: eggs Florentine, grilled steak and eggs, cinnamon French toast, and Southern crispy chicken and waffles.
How to order: Order delivery through Postmates, Uber Eats, and Caviar

Cafe Luna

Central Square
If you just can’t stand the idea of planning another meal, Cafe Luna has your back. They cafe is offering a full range of brunch offerings on both Saturdays and Sundays, from lemon ricotta pancakes to biscuit breakfast sliders to corned beef hash with poached eggs. plus all the three-egg omelets you could possibly crave. 
How to order: Call 617.576.3400 or order online for pickup and order delivery through DoorDash or Caviar

Brassica Kitchen & Cafe

Jamaica Plain
To answer your most pressing question: Yes, you can also order Brassica’s famed fried chicken off the Sunday brunch menu. But it’s a tough call when you’re also choosing between the mushroom omelette, sourdough pancakes, and the morning fried rice slathered in hollandaise. 
How to order: Call 617.477.4519 or order online for pickup and order delivery through Grubhub

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Meaghan Agnew believes every day should be brunch day, which explains why she ate pancakes for lunch on Tuesday. See how else she’s flipping the eating script by following her on Twitter and Instagram.
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