How to Eat Your Way Through 21 Countries Without Leaving Boston

Eat around the world without leaving town.

In the best of times, the Boston dining scene basks in its sheer variety of international food. But even in these strange and far-from-best times, restaurants of all ilks have quickly adapted to bring their fare to your doorstep. And with physical travel off the docket for the foreseeable future, there’s never been a better time to explore the vast geographical diversity of our dining scene -- all the while supporting many small, immigrant-run restaurants while doing so. We’ve gathered 21 different global cuisines you can find in Greater Boston that are currently being offered via takeout or delivery. And treat this list as a starting point only. Once all restaurants reopen for business (we can hope!), there will be that much more international fare that deserves your attention.

Co-owners and married team Baheja and Najeeb Rostami cut their teeth at The Helmand, the other sublime Afghan restaurant in town (currently not open for delivery). The family-owned spot, originally an Allston mainstay, is still serving all of its classics, from kofta challow -- beef meatballs with Afghan seasoning -- to Aushak, or ravioli filled with leeks and scallions. 
How to order: Call 617.208.8072 for pickup and order delivery through DoorDash, Caviar, and Grubhub 

The curbside menu is small but mighty: stuffed peppers, butternut squash ravioli, and traditional Argentine beef and chicken milanese, with traditional accompaniments (rice, mixed greens, and Tango fries). 
How to order: Order online for curbside pickup only

East Boston
You know what’s guaranteed to provide comfort during these trying times? An authentic Aussie meat pie. The shipyard favorite is still doing takeout and delivery for its single-serving beef, lamb shank, and curried veggie pies (preferably eaten with a dollop of ketchup and a sausage roll on the side). We vote for takeout, if only to get a whiff of harbor air as you wait for your order. 
How to order: Further instruction given for pickup upon arrival; order delivery through Uber Eats

Here’s a bit of trivia: Burma is the only country in which its residents eat tea leaves in a salad. Tea salad is the country’s national dish, a mixture of pickled tea leaves tossed with roasted peanuts, crunchy beans, toasted sesame seeds, and fried garlic -- and a must-order at this Allston spot. Round out your takeout with such traditional dishes as pumpkin tofu curry and rainbow noodles -- vegetarians will be in heaven -- and be sure to add in an order of rice and the accompanying balachaung, a traditional Burmese condiment consisting of fried onions, shrimp, garlic, ginger, and red chillies.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery

South End
Boston has long been a town ahead of its time when it comes to Cambodian cuisine. The Elephant Walk is now a legacy restaurant, having first opened in 1991 and served an evolving group of regulars ever since. Technically a French fusion restaurant, the restaurant’s focus is on traditional Cambodian fare like crispy pork spring rolls, b’baw mouan (a classic Cambodian rice soup), and sweet beef stew -- all currently available for takeout.  
How to order: Call 617.247.1500 for pickup and order delivery through DoorDash, Caviar, and Grubhub

Doesn’t dim sum sound simply divine right now? Brian Moy, owner of Shojo, Ruckus, and BLR by Shojo, has also launched Chinatown Delivers, offering pickup orders from Teado, New Dong Khanh, and China Pearl, his father’s restaurant. The latter is part of the city’s dim sum old guard, and its full menu, from dumplings to rice noodles to spring rolls, is still available to order. (We’ve already done it once, and let us just say that it got us through several days of lockdown.)
How to order: Pick-up only

Blossom Bar
Blossom Bar

Brookline Village
For those who’d spent years hoofing it out to Woburn, this Boston-proper Szechuan experience was an answer to their prayers. Baldwin Bar superstar Ran Duan has upended his parents’ original Sichuan Garden space in Brookline Village, and it’s a twofer fantasy come true: an all-killer menu of dan dan noodles, Chengdu dry hot chicken wings, and double-fried pork -- all currently available for takeout -- to accompany the inevitably amazing cocktail program. About that: While you’ll have to wait to savor elixirs like the Cadillo Sour in-house, Duan is currently concocting Blossom mixers to go. 
How to order: Call 617.734.1870 for pickup and order delivery through Postmates

Porter Square
The restaurant’s website informs us that  “‘darse or dar un gustazo’ means “to treat oneself or someone else to something special.” And the lively Cuban spot more than lives up to its name, even when it’s packaging its delicacies to go. No to-go cocktails from bartender extraordinaire Sam Treadway, alas, but otherwise the tapas-centric dinner menu is well represented. And what better time to order as many ingredient-driven indulgences as possible, from the empanadas to the guava-glazed baby back ribs to the cauliflower asada to the ropa vieja? Oh, and don’t count it out for lunch, given that the Cubano sandwich is also on the menu. 
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery

Back Bay
We always put our faith in Michael Serpa. The man who brought us the warm lobster roll and expanded the city’s oyster bar repertoire has gloriously moved onto French fare -- and is staying open even though his newest spot opened mere weeks before the pandemic broke. Eat your way through bistro stalwarts like spring asparagus soup, roasted duck breast, chicken confit, and pan-roasted ribeye, plus a separate vegetable menu, albeit a truncated one. And yup, bottles of both French and American wines are available to go.
How to order: Order online for takeout and order delivery through Caviar

South End
It’s not a purely Georgian restaurant, to be sure, but Ilona is dedicated to the piquant flavors of underserved Eastern Mediterranean countries. The current takeout mezze menu includes lobio, the national Georgian dish of red beans with onion, celery, garlic, and herbs, and imeruli khachapuri, the country’s traditional cheese-stuffed bread. Even in tumultuous times, Ilona is a beguiling invitation to step outside of your culinary comfort zone.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery

This is one of those spots you take for granted -- always musing about picking up some sausage on the way home from Maine, then putting it off until the next trip. But we can think of no better move right now than heading up Route 1 to stuff your fridge and freezer with traditional German sausages. The menu changes daily, but count on a sizable selection of bratwurst, kielbasa, and weisswurst, plus prepared meals like schnitzel and stuffed peppers. 
How to order: Call 978.854.6650 or order online for curbside pickup only

South End
One day the crazy lines will return. Until then, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with a limited menu from owners George Axiotis, Irakli Gogitidze, and Shahrokh Reza, who import most of their fare from the Mediterranean, including its takeout wines. Small plates include horiatiki (the Greek country salad), souvlaki, and dolmades -- although the grilled sea bass and mixed grill are well worth the splurge. 
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery


North End
Every week, more restaurants in the North End are shifting to a takeout model, so we encourage you to keep checking in with your regular favorites. Right now we’re enamored with what Jen Royle is doing: takeout comfort fare like eggplant caponata, chicken piccata, ravioli, and stuffed shells -- plus a $10 bottle of wine with any entree order. Add in the homemade cannolis and pizzelle, and you have the kind of dinner order that’ll fortify you for another sequestered week. 
How to order: Order online for pickup

South End
First, a shout-out to all the local Indian restaurants that have been forced to close because ingredients are currently unavailable. We promise we’ll be back. Among those still open is Mela, with notable entrees like the duck jalfrezi, Mela goat, and baingan bharta, plus all the tandoori. Sit tight and dream of the day when you can hit up their brunch buffet once more, Indian-inspired cocktails included. 
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery

Back Bay/South End
Many of the city’s best Japanese restaurants are shuttered right now, but Douzo is still here to keep us sane, even offering sake to go. The enduring sushi spot is serving its full, massive maki menu, which lets you stock up on stalwarts like ike the rainbow, spider, and crazy rolls while also springing for the Boston (lobster, lettuce, tomato, asparagus, tobiko, and spicy mayo). 
How to order: Order online for pickup and order delivery through Caviar

Villa Mexico Cafe
Villa Mexico Cafe

Downtown Crossing
Villa Mexico owner Nee Julie King earned underground local buzz when she began turning out tamales, flautas, and grilled burritos in a tiny kitchen inside a Beacon Hill gas station. Today, she has her own downtown storefront and is still going strong throughout the lockdown, offering takeout, limited deliveries inside Boston, and even packed meals for freezing and reheating. And if you count yourself among the Villa Mexico loyalists, considering sponsoring one of the staff until the restaurant can fully reopen. 
How to order: Call 617.957.0725 for pickup and delivery

Quick: Find Moldova on a map. No? The tiny country, nestled between Romania and Ukraine, was only founded in 1991. But husband and wife team Artur and Sandra Andronic are here to educate you, with dishes like lamb kabob, traditional polenta, and Mititei Moldovenesti (minced beef and pork rolls), all available for takeout. Right now you can also opt to donate $10 meals to frontline workers while you simultaneously place your order.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery

We would love to settle inside this homey restaurant and learn about the nuances of Nigerian food from the friendly staff. But the current carryout menu gives you a good primer: jollof rice, fish pepper soup, dried fried goat meat, and Nigerian bean pudding moi moi. Whatever you order, be sure to chase it with one of the Nigerian beers also available for takeout. 
How to order: Order online for takeout

Union Square
When Esquire named Celeste one of the best new restaurants in America, we were pissed, because this was supposed to be our little secret. But now we understand that any restaurant hoarding is selfish -- and applaud this tiny Peruvian spot for pivoting and offering daily takeout. The current menu is small and concentrated: expert ceviche, potato terrines, stews, and pan-fried fish entrees from chef JuanMa Calderón, also a noted indie filmmaker back in Peru. Mix up a pisco sour at home to recreate the restaurant experience. 
How to order: Order online for takeout and delivery

Jamaica Plain
A Scotch egg to go? Sure, why the hell not? Anything goes these days. And honestly, there’s nothing better than Scottish comfort fare to fill the void in your soul: fish and chips with mushy peas, shepherd’s pie, veggie bridies (cheesy potato pastries to you), and even deep-fried Mars Bars. This is what sweatpants were made for. Add in some Scottish ales to go, and you have yourself an unapologetically gluttonous night in.
How to order: Order online or call 617.524.2836 for pickup and order delivery through DoorDash

Davis Square
Co-owners Panupak Kraiwong and Nutthachai “Jeep” Chaojaroenpong understand the allure of a next-level noodle -- it’s why they named their place DakZen, which roughly translates to “chow down.” Kraiwong and Choajaroenpong have harnessed the power of culinary nostalgia -- both were born and raised in Thailand -- to bring authentic, Bangkok-style street food to the Somervillian masses. Brightly flavored dishes like khao soi, boat noodles, and ba mee moo dang are all still available, as are DanKen’s renderings of classics like spring rolls and Pad Thai. 
How to order: Order online for pickup

Singh's Roti Shop
Singh's Roti Shop

Upham’s Corner
There is no better time to acquaint yourself with the simple pleasures of Caribbean roti, be it for lunch or dinner. For those not in the know, we’re talking a Caribbean stew eaten with round flatbread. The traditional stew options at Singh’s include shrimp, oxtail, salt fish, and goat, but those looking to ease in slowly can start with jerk chicken. 
How to order: Call 617.282.7977 for pickup and order delivery through Grubhub

Multiple locations
Folks sometimes mistake Orinoco for a Cuban restaurant -- must be all the free-flowing mojitos. But it’s actually a celebrated Venezuelan spot famous for its arepas, the country’s traditional grilled corn flour sandwich. (Whatever ingredients you go for, be sure they include Guayanés cheese, Venezuela's semi-hard, unripened cheese.) Other classic dishes available for takeout include fried plantains, empanadas, and mixed rice. Plus, when placing your order online, you can also purchase a meal for a frontline worker.
How to order: Order online for pickup

Vietnamese: Banh Mi Ba Le

North Dorchester/Savin Hill
There’s a reason why this tiny takeaway shop has thrived for more than a quarter-century: It serves the best Banh Mi sandwich in town. Folks are respectfully lining up six feet apart for their chance to snag a crusty, fluffy baguette stuffed with seasoned meats and pickled vegetables. Add in some noodles and spring rolls, and you’ll be eating like royalty for a pauper’s price. 
How to order: Call 617.265.7171 for pickup and order delivery through Uber Eats

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Meaghan “wear your mask” Agnew is doing her damndest to support as many small restaurants as possible. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram to track her takeout exploits.