The Absolute Best Pizza Spots in Boston

From greasy late-night slices to artisan pies.

Our pizza scene gets a bad rap—unjustly so. Sure, we’re no New York, but these days, we Bostonians should be downright boastful about our pie scene. Between the stalwarts and the newbies, we could subsist for weeks on dough, sauce, and cheese alone. So to answer the question of where to get the best pizza all across Boston neighborhoods, we sussed out 18 of the greatest pie-slinging spots around town for you to check out right now.


North End

Douglass Williams’ long awaited venture into New Haven pizza is here, and it’s glorious. The celebrated chef and owner behind MIDA has paired up with business partner and Constitution State native Seth Garber to bring the Connecticut experience to us northern natives—New Haven- and Roman-style pies. Williams doesn’t actually cook his pies in a coal oven, per Connecticut tradition, but his electric deck oven can heat to over 1,000 degrees and provides the necessary char to bring us slices and whole pies with the classic likes of sausage, pepperoni, and potatoes and bacon, too.
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It’s hard to oversell this place even though in some ways it’s hard to sell it. Pizzas and pitchers, what’s the big deal? Well, the history, for one. Regina started in 1926 as both a sit-down and to-go pizzeria, so it’s hard to resist the movie set-like interior, with frayed booths and framed celebrity headshots. But really it’s about the 16-inch, brick-oven beauts you can set your clock to, just as your forebears likely did before you. And yes, Regina is now a nationally celebrated local chain, but it’s all about the original North End outpost.
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Prairie Fire

Coolidge Corner

When Prairie Fire reopened after so many months away, we rejoiced about the return of its crispy, slightly charred pies. Toppings are straightforward rather than fanciful; think fennel sausage, charred greens, mushrooms, and white anchovies. For late nights when you crave a wood-fired slice, the pizza menu is available until 11 pm during the week and until midnight on weekends.

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T&B Wood-Fired

Union Square

The heroes behind Bronwyn and the dearly departed TW Food have not only reopened their trendsetting pizzaria, but entirely reconfigured it. The namesake wood-fired oven turns out toothsome Neapolitan-style pies in all forms, from the straightforward (like margherita and salami) to the innovative (hello, kimchi pork). A host of shareables plus meaty mains, delectable desserts, signature cocktails, and a distinctive wine list push things firmly into date night territory.
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Hot Box

Union Square

Craving some South Shore bar pizza but don’t have means to actually, you know, get to the South Shore? Behold Hot Box, your in-city answer. Bow Market’s pizza entry was an instant hit, where its 10-inch to-go pies perfectly complement all the drinking options in the open market. Go for the pickle toppings and then return on a weekend for the brunch #1 pie, which is topped with bacon, black pepper gravy, and two over-easy eggs.
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Double Zero

Back Bay

Stuck with a vegan for the evening? Don’t fret: Double Zero is proof that vegan pizza can, in fact, compete with the original. Matthew Kenney’s vegan pies feature cashew mozzarella, almond parmesan, and macadamia ricotta, along with plant-based toppings like artichoke, Tuscan kale, and vegan spicy pepperoni.

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At Time Out Market the temptations are still deep and wide, but a special visit must be made for Michael Schlow’s first foray into pizza. These are wood-fired pies done Roman-style, which means a sturdy yet airy crust that still maintains plenty of crisp. Topping options include Tuscan kale and artichoke, but we think the margherita marguerita best lets Schlow’s talents shine through.
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The wood-fired Neapolitan pies maintain a devoted fandom, partially thanks to chef-owner Todd Winer’s homemade cheeses, as well as toppings like fennel sausage, veal meatballs, and fernet-honey. The friendly vibe and European wine list all mean you can have your date night and eat pizza, too—especially on the curbside patio.

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Brewer's Fork


A few years back, Charlestown had been so hungry for a decent new restaurant that Brewer’s Fork could have served deep-fried cobblestones and been a hit. Luckily, this gastropub aimed much higher, nowhere more visibly than with its pizza menu. The thin, chewy-yet-crackly crusts serve as base to wonderful topping combos like genoa salami with hot honey, or smoked chicken with pickled collard greens.
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This is the spot where you forego both niceties and toppings to silently snarf the best cheese pizza in town. The gas and toll money is more than worth spending to reach this Eastie centenarian mainstay, which started as a bakery in 1903 and serves barbecued lamb and steak skewers in addition to pizza. Bonus points for the inimitable people-watching and the $5 glasses of wine.
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Davis Square

Authentic Neapolitan pies are few and far between, which makes these flash-baked beauts all the more desirable. Imported pizzeria flour and Italian tomatoes combined with meat-centric toppings (honey chicken, soppressata, prosciutto, and house-made mozzarella make for a grand meal, indeed. Oh, and we have a tailgating tip for you: Book the catering package for your next Sunday spread, and you’ll forever be a hero to your friends and family.
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Man, do people love these wood-fired pizzas. Like, love love. It might be the leopard-print crusts, or the generosity of the toppings. But most likely it's owed to chef Nick Dixon’s unusual expertise—he consulted with a “pizza guru,” splurged on a gourmet oven, and tested numerous flours before developing his own dough recipe. The breakfast pizza is also worth a daytime return trip—and yup, the restaurant is currently open for brunch, as well as lunch and dinner.
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Max & Leo's

Newton Corner

A century ago, most NYC pies were coal-fired. Max and Leo’s has helped revive the technique, which results in pizza that cooks in just two minutes, charring the outside of the crust but keeping the dough moist and chewy inside. Build your own pie or opt for an artisan option like the Blue Ribbon (pulled pork, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and smoked gouda, topped with BBQ sauce). There are also outposts in Sudbury and Chelmsford and inside Game on Fenway, but we like the original haunt for its friendly and authentic vibe.
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Area Four

Kendall Square

The pizzas here are treated like royalty: The dough is fermented for more than 30 hours, the mozzarella is hand-pulled, and the pies are positioned in the wood-fire oven just so in order to guarantee a buoyant, charred crust. You’ll swear allegiance to the sausage and banana pepper pie before tasting the clam and bacon varietal and landing on a new favorite. Luckily, the restaurant offers both small and large pies to allow for more taste-testing.

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The pizza’s only there until the dough runs out (usually by 2 pm), so best to get there before noon. You’re getting two slices of Sicilian deliciousness to go—there’s no seating at all—and maybe some arancini if you really feel like getting after it. This spot routinely wins national accolades for a reason (although Regina Pizzeria is a noble backup for North Enders).
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All Star Pizza Bar

Inman Square

The team behind Inman’s All Star Sandwich Bar has cemented their MVP status. Want meatloaf and red onion jam on your pizza? There’s a pie for that (Atomic Meatloaf Meltdown). Pulled pork and mango? There’s a pie for that too (El Hefe). All Star's vegan and vegetarian options also come highly recommended—the almond milk bechamel is a revelation—and the guys behind the counter are Star Wars nerds, to boot.
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South End

Before you whine “my crust is charred!”—it’s on purpose, and it’s fabulous. These wood-fired gourmet pies come out incredibly hot and include toppings like creme fraiche and Gruyère cheese. Since there will be approximately no leftovers, depart with a pint of the equally revered homemade ice cream.

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Harvard Square

Quality pizza in Harvard Square was a surprisingly tall order... until Waypoint came along. How can it be that a glamorous seafood restaurant has the area’s best pizza? We don’t ask questions—we just eat. Every topping combo is a revelation, including a combo of chopped clams, parsley, peperoncino, and pecorino. But you’re here for the smoked whitefish pie, one of the most celebrated dishes in the city. It’s a bagel sandwich translated to pizza form with whitefish, mascarpone, dill, and capers with a seeded crust.

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Transplanted New Yorkers missing the mothership, this is where to head. It’s a classic, old-school, family-owned Sicilian joint, complete with Formica booths, tossed pizza dough, and Fanta in the fridge. The blunt counter service doesn’t hurt either, though it’s all an act. Those who spent their childhoods frequenting the place probably still remember founder Armando Paola and his propensity for doling out cookies and letting kids behind the counter roll out some dough.
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If you have 30 bucks burning a hole in your pocket and you want to blow it all on some pizza, we have a plan for you: Scampo’s lobster pizza. Lydia Shire’s signature dish is set at max decadence, with heavy cream, caramelized shallots, and the meat of a two-pound lobster. The other pies, from lamb to classic tomato, ain’t too shabby either.
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Pino's Pizza

Cleveland Circle

Whether you’ve gotten completely sauced or just need a quick late-night bite, head for a sauce-and-cheese palliative at this late-night go-to. The slices drip with flavor, grease, and next-morning regret. Order extra sauce on the side for dipping.
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Stoked Pizza

Washington Square

If you were wondering whatever happened to Letters to Cleo bassist Scott Riebling, we’ve got news for you: He turned a lifetime pizza obsession into a right-turn career change and launched his own food truck, which then expanded into a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Brookline. Those individual pies quickly became the stuff of takeaway legend, a tri-hybrid of New York-, New Haven-, and Neapolitan-style, coal-cooked for three minutes in a 6,000-pound oven. Meat eaters will be thrilled after sampling the barbecue chicken and bacon variety, though vegan substitutions also abound.
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