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5 must-try, under-$20 menu items

Boston There's undeniably great food here in the Hub. There's also rent to pay and Red Sox tickets to buy (they stopped losing every game!), so get in on these crave-worthy tastes (both new and old) that can be acquired with a single Andy Jackson or less.

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Pizza ($9.95)
Crush Pizza, FiDi
FiDi newcomer Crush Pizza is… ummm… crushing it with generous personal pies made in front of your eyes, then blasted in their 900-degree oven for a mere 90 seconds (starting at $7.95... you're saving time AND money). Indulge yourself for a sawbuck with the Bourbon BBQ Chicken Pizza ($9.95), topped with grilled chicken, house bourbon BBQ sauce, red onions, house mozzarella, scallions, crispy tortilla strips, and cilantro.
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Any sammie (from $4 to $8)
Charlie’s Kitchen, Harvard Square
Good ol’ Charlie’s Kitchen serves up good ol’ sandwiches that hit the spot without hitting your wallet (or even lightly tapping it). Stop in for a special (like the recently added Hawaiian Double Cheeseburger), or indulge in the Lobstermelt with cheddar ($8). Congratulations! You’re full and you have extra money to spend on drinks in their sunken beer garden/ Summer oasis.

The Double Awesome (from $9 to $11.50 at dinner)
Mei Mei Restaurant, Fenway/Kenmore
The Mei Mei crew rocked the local scene (and taste buds) with their crave-worthy food truck favorite Double Awesome (scallion pancake sandwich with local greens pesto, Vermont cheddar, oozy poached eggs). They’ve upped the ante at their brick & mortar with a shareable dinner portion ($9) plus meaty add-ons (house-made bacon, ham, or pastrami -- $2.50 each)… equaling quadruple awesome for your appetite and bank account. Daily specials (like the Big Bowl of Spring Stuff – roast pork, Spring-dug parsnips, fiddleheads, turnips, poached rhubarb, asparagus, radish & mustard greens, raw egg yolk, and smoked spelt bonji) are usually $15 or less, so pop in for some fresh bites ASAP.

12" Burgah Bomb Pizza ($12.50)
Dirty Water Dough Co., Back Bay
You’ll really like Back Bay’s latest pizza parlor for their house-roasted meats, house IPA-infused dough, and secret house-blend mozzarella… but you’ll really love Dirty Water Dough Co. once you’ve dropped their Burgah Bomb into your life. It’s loaded with house-marinated beef, dirty sharp/mild cheddar mix, mozzarella, ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoes, and shredded romaine. Yeah. They’re also slinging cheap slices: cheese for $2.75 and specialties for $3.75.

KT&T Hot Dog ($16)
Kirkland Tap & Trotter, Somerville
Okay, $16 doesn't seem like a bargain for a hot dog, but this is no ordinary wiener. Chef Tony Maws follows up his not-so-secret burger domination at Craigie on Main by letting the dogs out (Ah-HA!) at KT&T. Available on Monday evenings, his new artisanal frank is crafted from pork shoulder, beef chuck, and beef shoulder -- served on a pretzel bun with mustard and relish… all house-made, of course. It’s off-menu the rest of the week, but you can covertly order it at the bar (or try) until supplies run out (they will).