This Cafe Has French Toast on Steroids

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What’s better than French toast? Deep-fried French toast. Double Chin, a Chinatown cafe helmed by the punny Chin sisters, serves an outlandish dessert best described as French toast on steroids. Inspired by Asian honey toast, the restaurant’s “cubed toast” takes bite-size pieces of house-baked brioche, deep-fries them in French toast batter, and coats them in toppings like berries, granola, and chocolate fudge. The most popular version of the dish, Matcha Ma Call It, comes topped with green tea ice cream, red bean, Pocky sticks, mochi, and a matcha milk drizzle.

Native Bostonians, the Chin sisters are no strangers to fried food, having had their fair share of American junk food classics. But at home, the girls were better adjusted to classic Chinese cuisine, hence the brilliant fusion of flavors found at Double Chin. “We wanted to have a restaurant that truly embodied our identities,” Gloria Chin says. “Our menu’s full of traditional Chinese food with tons of modern twists to it.”

In addition to the decadent cubed toast, Double Chin serves things like the Doughnut Bomb (deep-fried brioche topped with fresh whipped cream, ice cream, and house-made matcha syrup), skillet mac & cheese (made with rice noodles, bacon, and scallion-panko), and “Poutine Your Mouth” (waffle fries with kimchi cheese, Sriracha, and scallion-seaweed dressing).

The bottom line? Double Chin’s menu combines the best of classic Chinese cooking and the worst of American junk food -- and the results are spectacular.

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Eliza Dumais is a writer who believes that most things should be deep-fried in French toast batter. Follow her @elizadumais