The Hub's 5 best food deals

Burger at RF O'Sullivan & Son
Dave Baldwin
Dave Baldwin

Because few things are as satisfying as taking down a delicious meal only to find -- when the bill arrives -- that you're also pretty much stealing from the restaurant, we tracked down five sweet items from around town that one might argue are underpriced for the quality/amount of food you're getting. Just don't argue too loudly, or they might raise the price on things like...The burgers at RF O'Sullivan & Son Already number three on our list of the city's best burgers, this Beacon St (Somerville/C'bridge) pub sweetens the deal by keeping all 28 of their heaping half-pound burgers -- from the sausage-topped Italian and BBQ-sauced JD, to the Jalapeno burger and above-pictured Black Jack -- priced between $8.25 and $9.

Sub at Dino's Cafe
Dino's Cafe/Facebook

Any sub at Dino's Cafe
Anyone who lives/works in the North End knows this off-the-beaten-path Salem St sandwich & pasta shop slings subs so big they're better off shared. Nine bucks scores you one of 15 sammies like the shaved Sicilian Steak w/ grilled balsamic-glazed portobello mushrooms & roasted plum tomatoes, or the Italian's Italian topped w/ imported Genoa salami, mortadella & sweet capicola, all of which come on a giant 16in roll that doesn't even come close to fitting on the plate.

Steak tips at Silvertone
Pam Aghababian

Steak tips at Silvertone
The heaping portion of marinated steak tips at this subterranean spot comes with mashed potatoes and greens and is hands-down, far and away, no contest, [insert any another cliche you want here], the best deal in all of Boston, simply because something this delicious shouldn't cost less than a couple Big Macs ($12).

The Reuben at Grendel's Den
American Repertory Theater

The entire half-priced menu at Grendel's Den
Twice nightly (from 5-730p, and then again from 9-1130p), the menu at this underground Harvard Square institution gets slashed in half, so their signature Reuben goes for only $4, though you can't go wrong with $3.25 Bubba Burger w/ cheddar & BBQ sauce, or a $7.50 sirloin, either.

Lobster roll at Charlie's Kitchen
Dave Baldwin

Double lobster rolls at Charlie's Kitchen
Finally: see this glorious picture of a toasted hot dog bun overflowing with succulent lobster meat? Now imagine two of them. And then a check for $12! There you go.