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Lobster Rolls and Fried Clams: The Bivalves of a New England Heart

Published On 11/17/2016 Published On 11/17/2016
Island Creek Oyster Bar
Photo courtesy of Island Creek Oyster Bar
New England is where these two items were born. It's at the core of our identity.
Margaret Collins / Thrillist
When you see the less expensive "clam strips" on a menu, you're actually getting a different species altogether.
Third-generation management Steve Woodman with his family’s signature dish | Margaret Collins / Thrillist
Essex River | Flickr/CorpsNewEngland
Woodman’s of Essex pickup window | Margaret Collins / Thrillist
Essex River | Margaret Collins / Thrillist
You simply can't freeze the Ipswich clam.
Woodman's of Essex fried clams use a century-old recipe | Margaret Collins / Thrillist
If you've been eating lobster more than an hour or two from the New England coast, then we hate to break it to you... but you've never really eaten a lobster.