Popular Lawrence sandwich-makers, now feeding Back Bay

After two years of feeding the hungry masses in Merrimack Valley, the popular artisanal sandwichiers at Wich!t said goodbye to Lawtown, relocating their home of handcrafted specialty sammies to a brick & woodsy 20-seater on Newbury Street right below Mary Jo Cole's Knit and Needlepoint Store, ensuring you'll know exactly where it is.Throw your North Face, Sox cap, and Lawrence Eagle Tribune down on one of their 10 maple wood tables before confidently sauntering up to the counter.Not sure whether to get the strip sirloin & cheddar NY Muscle or the chicken with basil walnut pesto Goudapest? Then get neither, and order this Tonkatsu-sauced Crispy Chicken Katsu topped w/ sweet potato fries and carrot laces.Don't want something pre-designed because you are your own person and own several self-help books you've almost read? Well then, just make-your-own action off this handsome clipboard. You're staring at Red Bliss potato salad mixed w/ stone ground mustard vinaigrette.Wash it all down with with a virgin mojito, glass of their fresh-squeezed, cocktail-shaken lemonade, or a bottle from this colorful case, perhaps of Boston Tower Ye Olde Fashioned Root Beer.And... to cap it off... an actual cap! Or, you know, a t-shirt or whatever.