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Korean fried chicken in Brigham Circle

Three years after bringing their funky "urban sushi bar" to Inman, the crew behind Ginger Exchange (and Teriyaki Joe’s) is at it again with MSW, a 42-seat Asian kitchen doing up Korean chicken, noodle soups, and specialty rolls in the former Savant Project space in Mission Hill. Behold: sushi chefs rain down rolls upon the masses eating at 20 zebrawood-topped tables.Eschew your usual Lycheepolitan or Scorpion Bowl in favor of this classic rum Mai Thai.Then get the ball in your stomach rolling with a basket of soy garlic or Thai BBQ Korean chicken wings...... before moving on to this daikon-drizzled spicy tuna Hoppin' Jalapeno roll.Do you enjoy a varied selection of hot or cold Japanese rice wines with your raw fish? Well, we can't hear what you're saying, but assuming it's "yes", you should be pleased. Now it's time to Choose Your Own Adventure. Either go hot with spicy pork Bao Baos steamed buns, shrimp coconut curry noodle soup & Malaysian street-style Mee Goreng, or stay cold with this salmon & sriracha take on the Cali roll and tempura-flaked Double Spicy Tuna. Or turn to page 87 and find out your uncle actually did cause the Curse of Batterslea Hall.