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These Donuts Are Topped With Your Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving food is delightful, that much is hard to disagree with. But Thanksgiving dinner can be a bona fide war zone. Between clashing political ideologies and extended family tirelessly grilling you on your love life and career, there has to be a better way. Enter Providence’s PVDonut’s Friendsgiving™ Donut -- the answer to all your anxieties. This donut provides the ultimate personal (and less interrogational) Thanksgiving experience, in the form of an always peaceful donut.

Every year, the Rhode Island donut shop whips up a Thanksgiving-themed donut just for the holiday. The donut pays homage to all your favorite Thanksgiving foods, without the familial baggage. First, the bakers fry up brioche donuts, which get coated with a bright purple cranberry glaze. The whole thing is then piled with mashed potatoes, stuffing, fried chicken strips, and drizzled with gravy, a concoction that transports the sweet and savory flavors of Thanksgiving straight into the palm of your hand. It’s all the integral pieces of a Thanksgiving meal -- the sweetness of cranberry sauce offset by earthy stuffing and tender meat -- just don’t tell Aunt Beth you like these mashed potatoes better.   

PVDonuts also boasts other signature donuts, like a pizza donut which gets layered with mozzarella and pepperoni, and an everything bagel donut, an ode to an everything bagel with cream cheese. There’s even a sweet coffee milk donut filled with coffee milk pastry cream and finished off with a swipe of Oreo crumble on top.

While the shop is known for its extra fluffy, yeasted brioche donuts, PVDonuts bakes old-fashioned and filled donuts as well, so all donut lovers are able to quench their cravings. In peace.

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist who plans on taking a vow of silence this Thanksgiving. Follow her on Instagram.