These Boston Restaurants Are Open For Thanksgiving Dinner and Takeout

Why brine when you can order online.

Sonsie Boston
Mashed squash with brown butter. | Sonsie Boston
Mashed squash with brown butter. | Sonsie Boston

Among many other things, 2020 will go down as the Year of Takeout—and why should Thanksgiving be any different? With cases rising and large gatherings discouraged, there ain’t none of us spending 12 hours whipping up a huge meal for a big guest list. And, frankly, doesn’t it come as a relief to realize you get to pass on all the prep work and dishwashing this year?

Luckily, Boston restaurateurs are stepping up to the plate, big-time. Lots of spots are open for takeout, serving either traditional turkey day spreads or creative twists on the classics. But call it in early—most restaurants need advance notice. And keep checking back in, because we’ll be adding more takeout options as they become available.

Loyal Nine

East Cambridge

Loyal Nine specializes in New England cuisines, and this is as traditional New England as it gets: fully cooked organic turkey, traditional gravy, cranberry sauce, sourdough stuffing, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, crushed hubbard squash, and apple streusel pie. Order a la carte if you’d prefer to mix and match your sides, and augment your spread with snacks like smoked eel dip, foie gras terrine, and sour cream and onion popcorn. 
How to order: $175 for dinner for four; order by November 22

And now for something completely different. Invite your pandemic pod to pig out on a whole-roasted pig spread, which also includes raw bar selections and five sides (chef’s choice, but think dishes like mac and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, and brioche dinner rolls). If a whole pig seems a little overwhelming, opt for the Family Pig Meal that includes spice-rubbed ribs, slow-braised shoulder, grilled tenderloin, smoked belly, and house sausage. 
How to order: $58 per person for whole roasted pig (minimum 10 people); $299 for family meal; order by November 24 for pickup on November 25 or 26

Branch Line


Why order a turkey when you can get the greatest rotisserie chicken in town? But in fact, Branch Line also has a spatchcock turkey available to order, as well as a rotisserie duck. As for sides: whipped mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and maple roasted delicata squash will do you nicely, with a Dutch apple pie to boot. 
How to order: A la carte; order by November 20 for pickup on November 25 or 26

Barbara Lynch wants to help you put on a show. All you really need to know is that her stuffing recipe is the same one she serves during her own T-Day celebration. There’s also braised pearl onions, pureed potatoes, buttered peas, and bourbon pecan pie. As for the turkey itself, it’s free range, it was raised on a veggie diet—and it’s unbrined and uncooked, which means you’ll still have to do a little bit of the cooking yourself. 
How to order: A la carte; order by November 20 for pickup on November 25


South End

Why not mix it up entirely? Spring for an Armenian-Lebanese spread that includes turkey-zucchini kofta, sujuk stuffing (Armenian spicy beef sausage), spiced couscous, roasted chestnuts with fall vegetables, and butternut squash hummus. 
How to order: $155; order by November 24 for pickup on November 25 or 26


Financial District

It’s “The Stillwater Side Show,” and it is glorious. Chef Sarah Wade is whipping up all your favorite accompaniments, from sage and mushroom stuffing ($30) to creamy mashed potatoes ($30) to homemade country rolls ($25). 
How to order: A la carte; order by November 23 at 5pm for pickup on November 25

Café Du Pays

Kendall Square

Add a bit of French flair to your holiday spread. We’re talking confit turkey, we’re talking tourtiere (French-Canadian meat pie), we’re talking Beaujolais Nouveau, we’re talking sugar pie. 2020 has been as unconventional as it gets. Why keep it traditional now? 
How to order: A la carte; schedule ASAP for pickup November 24 or November 25

If a smoked turkey can’t cure what ails, we don’t know what can. Tiffany Faison wants you full and happy thanks to her brined and smoked whole turkey, four-hour turkey gravy, whole berry cranberry sauce (plus a can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce!), biscuit stuffing, and buttery mashed potatoes. Kudos to Faison for also creating a two-person menu option with a brined and smoked turkey breast and many of the same fixings. (Be sure to check out the menu at sister restaurant Tiger Mama, which includes dishes like  turkey pad graw pow and milk bread stuffing.)
How to order: $89 for dinner for 2; $189 for dinner for 5-7; menu also available a la carte. Order by November 21 for pickup on November 25

We already love them for their outdoor igloo dining, and now we love them even more for making the holiday stress-free. The “Everything But the Turkey” takeout menu, designed to serve four to six people, includes semolina bread, cranberry sauce, traditional gravy, roasted Brussels sprouts, and cornbread and chorizo stuffing. 
How to order: $110; order by November 21 for pickup on November 25


Kendall Square

They had us at “challah dressing.” Our favorite Jewish deli is pulling out all the stops for a family spread that includes confit turkey and gravy, Manischewitz roasted cranberry sauce, honeynut squash with farro and cherries, and chocolate and tahini swirl pie. You can even order challah rolls, Swiss cheese and mustard for sandwiches the next day. 
How to order: A la carte; order online ASAP for pickup on November 24 or 25

Field and Vine

Union Square

As one of our favorite spots in town, it’s unsurprising that Field & Vine is offering such a divine T-Day menu. First of all, you get a brined, ready-to-cook chicken and two confit turkey legs (gravy most definitely goes with both). It also comes with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots with brown butter yogurt and sage, shiitake mushroom and collard green casserole with crispy onion strings, and dark chocolate-squash brownies with salted caramel. As for the stuffing, you have your choice of andouille sausage or herbed.
How to order: $185 for package; order ASAP for pickup on November 25 (delivery also available in Cambridge and Somerville for $20).


South End

Chef Douglass Williams wants your Thanksgiving to be a restful one. To that end he’s whipping up a family-style, Italian-tinged spread of antipasti, escarole greens, potato gratin, and ciabatta stuffing. As for the bird, it’s brined, marinated, and ready to cook at home. 
How to order: $295; $85 to add two bottles of wine and one liter of a seasonal cocktail; order ASAP for pickup on November 25

Chef David Bazirgan wants to make your life as easy as possible. His Turkey Day kits are single-serving spreads with twists on the classics: sous vide breast of turkey and turkey leg confit, mashed potatoes, chestnut stuffing, cranberry sauce, roasted Brussels sprouts, pan gravy, and either apple or pumpkin pie. And if that’s not enough, you can always tack on additional turkey and sides on an a la carte basis. What’s more, a portion of proceeds goes to No Kid Hungry. Oh, and did we mention you can throw in a bottle of wine? 
How to order: $25 per person; order by November 18 for pickup on November 25


Chestnut Hill

It just opened, but Bianca is ready to feed you. The latest venture from Tim and Nancy Cushman is making its debut with a Thanksgiving meal package to go that includes a turkey (cooked or uncooked) and sides like fennel sausage stuffing, whipped mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts (all of which are also available a la carte).
How to order: $295 with uncooked turkey, $325 with roasted turkey; order by 9pm on November 18 for pickup on November 24 or 25

Row 34


Chef Jeremy Sewall wants to make your life easy, with turkey pickup available at both Row 34 and Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington. The main menu is as traditional as it gets with sliced roasted turkey, cornbread or oyster stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry jam, dinner rolls, and apple or pumpkin pie. For a fun twist, you can add seafood goodies on an a la carte basis, including unshucked oysters, smoked bluefish pate, lobster bisque, and shrimp cocktail. 
How to order: $150 for four-person dinner; order by November 23 for pickup on November 25



It’s unfussy but divine, just like the restaurant itself. Spring for a spread of organic turkey breast and confit leg, mashed potatoes, sourdough stuffing with fennel sausage, cranberry sauce with orange and cinnamon, traditional gravy, and sweet and sour baby Brussels sprouts. 
How to order: $175 (add two bottles of wine for $40 or four for $80); order by November 20 for pickup on November 25

Chef Ethan Cassevoy’s family would approve because he’s whipping out all their favorite recipes for a spread of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, dirty gravy, bourbon Brussels sprouts, creamed corn casserole, and more. Of course, we’re just as excited about the large-format versions of some of the restaurant’s most beloved cocktails.  
How to order: three sides and a half-turkey is $125; four sides and a full turkey is $250; five 
sides and a full turkey is $500; order before November 22

Bar Mezzana

South End

Chef Colin Lynch of Bar Mezzana and Black Lamb is going to feed you well and plentifully. The roasted turkey and confit turkey leg are delicious on their own, and the cranberry sauce and gravy help bring them home, but here’s the kicker: the meal kit includes Pepperidge Farm bread and mayo for next-day sandwiches. You can also buy many sides a la carte, from sage and dried plum stuffing to creamed onions to glazed yams. 
How to order: $45 per person


Back Bay

Kudos to Sonsie for getting a little extra greenery in there and starting us off with a Caesar salad. From there it’s a full meal package that includes a cider-brined turkey, whipped golden potatoes, giblet gravy, bacon-roasted Brussels sprouts, and mashed squash with brown butter. 
How to order: $230; order online by November 23 for pickup on November 26

Season To Taste

North Cambridge

Chef Jason Lord can cook for us anytime, but especially over the holidays. He’s whipping up a four-person spread that includes one herb-roasted turkey breast and one confit leg, mashed potatoes, sourdough stuffing, green bean casserole, lemon-horseradish Brussels sprouts; turkey gravy, and whole cranberry sauce—all of which is also available a la carte, plus potato gratin, summer squash casserole, and more. The kicker? Suggested wine pairings that you can also order with the meal. 
How to order: $200 for complete dinner; order by November 19 for pickup

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