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The 11 Best Boston Food Trucks Right Now

Published On 05/28/2015 Published On 05/28/2015

Five years ago there wasn’t a single food truck in Boston. Today, there are too many to count. And while all of them are worth a try at some point, these 11 (a mix of old favorites -- like 2011, old -- and just-out-of-the-garage newcomers) are your must-hits for the summer.

Lilo's Plates

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: Loco Moco and Chicken Island Curry
It’s about time somebody brought Hawaiian food to Boston, right? One of newer food trucks on the block, Lilo’s Plates serves Hawaiian dishes like Chicken Island Curry and Loco Moco, a Japanese-style burger served with beef gravy and a fried egg, as well as rotating specials like Spam musubi, a popular Hawaiian snack made with Spam, nori, and rice.

Uyghur Kitchen

Uyghur Kitchen

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: Lamb and chicken wraps
Uyghurs (pronounced wee-gurs) are people from China’s northwest province of Xinjiang, and their food -- which blends Turkish and Northern Chinese influences -- is characterized by robust and smokey/spicy flavors. It’s also not easy to find in Boston, or the US for that matter. Until now. Thanks to a dude who used to play in a flamenco-rhumba-Uyghur fusion band in Beijing (naturally), Uyghur Kitchen is the first Uyghur food truck in the United States. When you inevitably go over to chat about flamenco fusion music, be sure to order the lamb wrap -- it’s one of its best sellers.

Flickr/Mark Nakib

The Cookie Monstah

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: The Salty Dog (salted caramel cookies with turtle ice cream)
The real magic behind The Cookie Monstah is that it pairs freshly baked, chewy cookies with an array of decadent ice creams from Richardson’s Farm, and the result is an over-the-top ice cream sandwich. Cookie types alternate, but you can’t go wrong with its signature chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, or red velvet with white chocolate.

Bon Me

Bon Me

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: Miso-Braised Pulled Pork bánh mì sandwich
In four short years, Bon Me has expanded its empire to five trucks and two brick-and-mortar locations (one in Kendall Square, one in Fort Point), with two more trucks on the way. The menu’s loaded with signature favorites like its classic bánh mì sandwiches, rice bowls, and noodle salads customized with your choice of Chinese BBQ pork, roasted soy and paprika tofu, spice-rubbed chicken, or miso-braised pulled pork.



Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: The Egg and Eggplant sandwich with rosemary fries
Everything about Clover, from the trucks’ decor to the recyclable paper packaging, screams simple and no fuss, and that’s the approach owner Ayr Muir has taken with his vegetarian empire since it launched in September of 2008.  Menus change seasonally to incorporate available produce and include dishes like just-debuted Panella sandwich, which’s made with chickpea cake, Kalamata olives, and fennel.

Wow Barbeque

Wow Barbecue

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: Lamb skewers
“Chuan,” or skewers of fragrant, cumin-seasoned barbecue meat is classic Beijing street fare, and that’s exactly what the Wow Barbecue food truck dishes out. Exclusively. As in, that’s all it's serving -- chicken, sausage, quail egg, shrimp, and lamb skewers. Actually, that’s not true -- vegetarians now have the option of grilled cabbage and tofu skewers.

Roxy's Grilled Cheese/Amanda Mauck

Roxy's Grilled Cheese

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting:The Green Muenster
One of the Hub’s early food truck pioneers, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese has been bringing the cheesy goodness strong since March of 2011. The Green Muenster -- made with guacamole, bacon, and Muenster cheese -- is a consistent fan favorite but recent additions to the menu also include the Nicki Minaj Burger made with truffles, butter, onion rings, and steak sauce.

Chicken and Rice Guys

Chicken & Rice Guys

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: Grilled chicken and rice plate
Nobody pairs tender pieces of grilled chicken with vibrant, yellow, turmeric rice -- topped with a magical, creamy garlic white sauce -- like the Chicken & Rice Guys. They currently operate four trucks about town, and recently opened their first brick-and-mortar location in Downtown. Expect a second storefront in Medford Square later this August.

North East of the Border

North East of the Border

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: Cochinita pibil torta and carne asada taco
Launched in April (to rave reviews) by a former restaurant chef from Mexico City and his management buddy from Washington State, NEOTB is on a mission to feed authentic Mexican food to the people of Boston. Amazingly, that mission already includes a second truck, which is in the works for late in the summer.

Zinneken’s Waffles

Zinneken’s Waffles

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting:The Gourmand Liège waffle
So that you don’t have to take the Red Line to Harvard to score authentic Liège waffles laced with sugar cubes and topped with everything from Nutella, Belgian chocolate, and berries, Zinneken’s waffle truck now cruises around town.


Batch ice cream

Where to find it: Location(s)
What you're getting: Caramelized Banana & Walnuts
Already known for its award-winning Salted Caramel, Brown Sugar Bourbon & Pecan (made with Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam) ice cream, new 2015 flavors include a Caramelized Banana & Walnuts number that tastes like banana bread, and one made with dark chocolate, Mexican chiles, and roasted almonds.

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