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My Family, Western Mass, and the Best Burger Shack in America

Published On 03/03/2016 Published On 03/03/2016
An Illustration of The White Hut
Jason Hoffman/Thrillist

The White Hut does not simply exist as a nostalgic bookmark shoved like a placeholder into your consciousness.

Jason Hoffman/Thrillist
Dave Baldwin/Thrillist

Just get two cheeseburgers with fried onions and (maybe) ketchup. Some things in life need not be made more complicated.

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1. White Hut 280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01103

Who wouldn't be in the mood for a double cheeseburger with fried onions? And one of the best in the country at that? Right. No one. At White Hut, you'll find a delicious & simplistic version of the classic diner burger that's thin and griddled. The Hut offers a variety of classic fixings, but the burgers are so tasty, it's good enough without lettuce, tomato, etc. So if you're in West Springfield, go get in on the White Hut experience and grab yourself one.