Cannabis Catering

People have long used alcohol to spice up their cooking, but that's because those states are so far from NORML. Spicing up cuisine the West Coast way, Cannabis Catering.

From a Peninsula-born chef who trained at the California Culinary Academy and served as a personal kitchen-minder for John Madden and Jerry Rice, CC creates four- to five-course menus infused with the finest AAA-grade organic medical marijuana, so good it'll make even John Madden sound like a genius. Abiding by Prop 215, CC has already dished out blunt-y goodness for a dozen or so get-togethers, with ganja grub like a Micro Greens Salad with strawberries, Train Wreck-infused caramel candied pecans and a Grand Daddy Purple-lined balsamic vinaigrette, or a Lemon Pepper Tri-tip, served with roasted veggies and red potatoes coated with Blue Dream, which is usually only good for making your sheets sticky-icky. Ooooweeeee! For dessert, the self-proclaimed 420 Chef'll also put your home-made cookies and brownies to shame with a Super Lemon Haze infused Belgian Chocolate Fountain, whose flow can only be arrested by a Van Dam(me).

Oh and if you don't think there's enough infusion going on in CC's eats, they've always got a side of spreadable cannabutter -- an emerald green concoction that's one pound of bud to 15 pounds of butter -- after which, if you try butter in other states, you'll disappointedly whine "I can't believe it's not bud-er".