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Charleston's Biscuit Bucket List

Best biscuits Charleston
Jason Stemple

Biscuits are not just for special occasions here; they aren’t extras and they aren’t afterthoughts. In Charleston they are everyday essentials. The golden-topped beauties nestle in breadbaskets, they snuggle under gravy, they get topped with chicken or cheese or blueberries or eggs, but they always must be hot, fluffy, and just the right amount of flaky.

How does a great, bucket-list worthy biscuit stand out from the everyday kind? By being a meal unto its own with a topping or three. We can’t help but map our favorites -- the ones every Charlestonian has to have in his eating repertoire -- and kindly suggest that you add a whole lot of gravy to this best-of biscuit bucket list.

The best bacon, egg, and pimento cheese

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Upper King

These petite biscuits have a national following, but many may not know that Callie’s also makes some of the best pimento cheese (a Southern staple) in the South, too. Bring them together with bacon and a fluffy egg, and this mini munchie will cure what ails you -- or even soak up some of the fun you’ve had to drink during a late weekend night.

Poogan's Porch
Jonathan Boncek

Best buttermilk biscuits

Poogan’s Porch

French Quarter

Start with a classic basket of buttery goodness here. Poogan’s has been perfecting its buttermilk biscuit recipe since the 1970s, and so a crusty top makes way for a tender interior begging for more butter. A basket of these babies is especially good for brunch on the porch (with mimosas, of course), but be warned: afternoon napping is likely.

Best place to get the Charleston Nasty

Hominy Grill


This biscuit is notorious for having been featured on countless television shows -- but don’t you dare think that this beloved all-day breakfast is blase. Here, a fluffy biscuit is topped with fried chicken, sausage gravy, and cheddar cheese that’s so nasty you can’t help but love it. Make sure to Instagram your exploits, and tag Anthony Bourdain. We're sure he won’t mind.

The Grocery
The Grocery

The best biscuit & gravy

The Grocery


The Grocery’s biscuit proves that gravy is an equal-opportunity player -- this gravy is vegetarian-friendly. Morel mushroom gravy, a Parmesan sunny-side-up egg, fava bean vinaigrette, and charred ramps are tucked under all that umami. But per the restaurant's focus on seasonal ingredients, the players on this brunch menu item will change with the leaves. What will not change, however, is the jealousy of tablemates will have when this veggie-focused grub lands on your table.

Harold's Cabin
Leigh-Ann Beverly

The best garden biscuit

Harold's Cabin

Wagener Terrace

This place is anything but “shrimp & grits Charleston” (though it does that real well, too), but Wagener Terrace is laser-focused on making vegetables ultra-delicious. Case in point: this biscuit. Shishito peppers, matchstick beets, Gruyere, and mushrooms come together with the fluffiest of scrambled eggs to create a masterpiece of color that tastes better than it looks. Go ahead, you meat eaters; it wouldn’t hurt you to have a veggie now and again.

Our favorite Beauregard Benedict

The Glass Onion

Avondale/West Ashley

Biscuits that start with buttermilk and lots of butter get even better at The Glass Onion. Sure, you could go for a jelly topper, but why play small? Instead, clear your calendar for the rest of the day and order the Beauregard Benedict, which is topped with Belle's sausage, Belle's sausage gravy, and a sunny-side-up egg. It’s no light brunch, but then again, you didn’t come here for granola.

Husk Restaurant

The best black pepper biscuits & gravy


French Quarter

As befits its M.O., Husk elevates a classic (in this case, the buttermilk biscuit) by adding black pepper to the dough. What results is a spicy bite that is then slathered in silky gravy with tender sausage chunks, all artfully/messily placed on a butcher board. This one is listed as a starter on the brunch menu, but it could be a whole meal.

The best beef tallow biscuits with horseradish creme



It’s hard not to order the bread sampler here (we couldn’t resist), but don’t let the variety keep you from really taking in the layers of flavor in the beef tallow biscuit with horseradish creme. Sure, it’s square and a little denser than most biscuits, but you’ll be fighting to avoid sharing this one. It’s like a memory of sopping leftover steak juice and horseradish cream with the last of your bread. Except it’s not a memory; it’s right in front of you. Dig in.

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