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Charleston's Biscuit Bucket List

Published On 08/17/2016 Published On 08/17/2016
Best biscuits Charleston
Jason Stemple

The best bacon, egg, and pimento cheese

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

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Upper King

These petite biscuits have a national following, but many may not know that Callie’s also makes some of the best pimento cheese (a Southern staple) in the South, too. Bring them together with bacon and a fluffy egg, and this mini munchie will cure what ails you -- or even soak up some of the fun you’ve had to drink during a late weekend night.

Jonathan Boncek

Best buttermilk biscuits

Poogan’s Porch

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French Quarter

Start with a classic basket of buttery goodness here. Poogan’s has been perfecting its buttermilk biscuit recipe since the 1970s, and so a crusty top makes way for a tender interior begging for more butter. A basket of these babies is especially good for brunch on the porch (with mimosas, of course), but be warned: afternoon napping is likely.

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Best place to get the Charleston Nasty

Hominy Grill

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This biscuit is notorious for having been featured on countless television shows -- but don’t you dare think that this beloved all-day breakfast is blase. Here, a fluffy biscuit is topped with fried chicken, sausage gravy, and cheddar cheese that’s so nasty you can’t help but love it. Make sure to Instagram your exploits, and tag Anthony Bourdain. We're sure he won’t mind.

The Grocery

The best biscuit & gravy

The Grocery

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The Grocery’s biscuit proves that gravy is an equal-opportunity player -- this gravy is vegetarian-friendly. Morel mushroom gravy, a Parmesan sunny-side-up egg, fava bean vinaigrette, and charred ramps are tucked under all that umami. But per the restaurant's focus on seasonal ingredients, the players on this brunch menu item will change with the leaves. What will not change, however, is the jealousy of tablemates will have when this veggie-focused grub lands on your table.

Leigh-Ann Beverly

The best garden biscuit

Harold's Cabin

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Wagener Terrace

This place is anything but “shrimp & grits Charleston” (though it does that real well, too), but Wagener Terrace is laser-focused on making vegetables ultra-delicious. Case in point: this biscuit. Shishito peppers, matchstick beets, Gruyere, and mushrooms come together with the fluffiest of scrambled eggs to create a masterpiece of color that tastes better than it looks. Go ahead, you meat eaters; it wouldn’t hurt you to have a veggie now and again.

Our favorite Beauregard Benedict

The Glass Onion

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Avondale/West Ashley

Biscuits that start with buttermilk and lots of butter get even better at The Glass Onion. Sure, you could go for a jelly topper, but why play small? Instead, clear your calendar for the rest of the day and order the Beauregard Benedict, which is topped with Belle's sausage, Belle's sausage gravy, and a sunny-side-up egg. It’s no light brunch, but then again, you didn’t come here for granola.

Husk Restaurant

The best black pepper biscuits & gravy


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French Quarter

As befits its M.O., Husk elevates a classic (in this case, the buttermilk biscuit) by adding black pepper to the dough. What results is a spicy bite that is then slathered in silky gravy with tender sausage chunks, all artfully/messily placed on a butcher board. This one is listed as a starter on the brunch menu, but it could be a whole meal.

The best beef tallow biscuits with horseradish creme


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It’s hard not to order the bread sampler here (we couldn’t resist), but don’t let the variety keep you from really taking in the layers of flavor in the beef tallow biscuit with horseradish creme. Sure, it’s square and a little denser than most biscuits, but you’ll be fighting to avoid sharing this one. It’s like a memory of sopping leftover steak juice and horseradish cream with the last of your bread. Except it’s not a memory; it’s right in front of you. Dig in.

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1. Callie's Hot Little Biscuit 476 1/2 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Maybe you need a coffee and a cinnamon biscuit in the morning, and a chicken biscuit loaded with pimento cheese late at night. Hey, we don’t judge. In fact, we are probably in line behind you at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, an alleyway-turned-cozy cafe where all the biscuits are made by hand with no machines involved.

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2. Poogan's Porch 72 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401

Poogan’s Porch—part of a famed Charleston brand—serves traditional Southern cooking in a Victorian townhouse, complete with porch seating and a massive wine cellar. It's one of the most popular destinations in town with a documented ghost story and some seriously impressive decor, luring in locals and tourists alike to this classic upscale eatery with wonderful updated cocktails.

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3. Hominy Grill 207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

Hominy is a relaxed eatery in Canonborough dishing up some of Chucktown’s most delicious Lowcountry classics. James Beard Award-winning chef Robert Stehling has built a landmark— you can’t miss the bright red exterior—complete with a mural that (rightly) states, “Grits are Good For You.” Everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Anthony Hopkins has enjoyed a meal in this restored Charleston single house because the menu is filled with iconic dishes (think fried okra and sausage gravy) prepared fresh and well.

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4. The Grocery 4 Cannon St, Charleston, SC 29403

This Cannonborough eatery evokes memories of an old-school small town grocery serving foods from local farmers and fishermen. The frequently changing menu always reads like a beautiful love letter to the Lowcountry’s bounty, and chef Kevin Johnson knows how to perfectly prepare heirloom vegetables. The restaurant also has an in-house canning program to preserve fresh produce, and an excellent cocktail program features ingredients as rich in quality as the dishes.

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5. Harold's Cabin 247 Congress St, Charleston, SC 29403

What began as a neighborhood grocery outpost in the 1920s has today turned into one of the best breakfast spots in the Westside. The menu is health-conscious and vegetable-forward (not surprising, considering that the kitchen sources most of their ingredients from the rooftop garden), serving up regional fare like the garden biscuit -- a vibrant mélange of Shishito peppers, mushrooms, beets, and gruyere melted over perfectly scrambled eggs, all served on a fresh, flaky biscuit. The cottage-like space is peppered with kitschy décor, but it’s pretty cozy; for those determined to get a highly coveted table at this walk-ins only spot, we suggest you arrive on the early side of brunch.

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6. The Glass Onion 1219 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407

This consistently good spot offers Lowcountry-meets-Louisiana fare, and it’s actually a favorite of chefs on their off days. The Glass Onion has a menu full of comfort food, with a little touch of elegance and seasonal ingredients. We recommend the shrimp & grits, however it's not always the same. Chef Chris Stewart folds in delicious rotating specialties -- from root vegetables in the winter to anything green for spring -- to make this dish stand out.

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7. Husk 76 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401

Headed by two-time James Beard award-winning chef Sean Brock, Husk's menu is unique not only because of its interesting takes on Southern favorites, but also because the menu changes twice a day. Housed in an historic 1800s Charleston mansion, the environs themselves are enough to make you lick your lips: the interior reads more like a stately residential home than a restaurant serving honey-lacquered duck with pickled blueberries and rabbit-pimento loafs. Long waits can be avoided at the adjacent and more casual The Bar at Husk, standing apart in a brick warehouse. In addition to a stunning list of some 50 bourbons, including its own barrel of the coveted Pappy Van Winkle, a seat at the more casual bar increases your odds of scoring the must-order, iconic Husk burger: two 100% chuck patties infused with Benton’s bacon, and griddled with onions shaved onto the patty before being topped with American cheese, bread & butter pickles, and Brock's own special sauce.

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8. Spero 616 Meeting St, Charleston, SC

For Spero, "seasonal and thoughtful" is the name of the food game. Their menu of small plates is locally sourced whenever possible and highlights the interplay of produce and protein in interesting, unique and fresh flavor combinations. As for the atmosphere? You won't see waiters in aprons or flaming dishes with foam or foie gras. The space is casual and inviting with simple decor and a bar that serves a 40-ounce High Life in a champagne flute for $7.50. There's no pretension to be found, just excellent food.