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The Best Donuts in Charleston

Published On 02/12/2016 Published On 02/12/2016
Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts


Downtown Charleston

If you’re looking for a normal, glazed cake donut, don’t come to Glazed. This little hole-in-the-wall on King Street is serving up made-from-scratch flavors you’d never expect to find if your only experience was with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Dunked. We’re talking Maple Bacon, French Toast, and Salted Caramel Old Fashioned. These aren’t yo mama’s donuts.

Diggity Doughnuts

​Diggity Doughnuts

East Central

Diggity Doughnuts started as a food truck and became so popular that it was able to settle into a permanent brick and mortar locale. Diggity’s success derives from its experimental flavor combos that have made it so well-loved amongst locals and tourists... flavors like the Starla (strawberry and jalapeño), the Peppy Pappy (chocolate frosting, mint and pretzel bits), and the Nutty Rooster (creamy peanut butter & spicy Sriracha hot sauce).

Joey Bag a Donuts

Joey Bag a Donuts

Mount Pleasant

If you walk into Joey’s and instantly have the urge to press your nose up against the glass and stare in awe at a selection of over 30 different kinds of pastries and donuts to choose from, don’t worry: it’s OK to feel like a kid again here. The donuts are made fresh to order, which means that you can pretty much customize each donut to your own desire. Joey’s signature style is to put a pair of eyes on each donut so that they appear surprised to see you. Almost as surprised as you will be at how delicious these donuts are.

​Charleston Donuts

Mount Pleasant

While the flavor and icing of each of the donut is obviously taken into consideration, the piece de resistance of these delicious, fried works of art is found in the toppings. Charleston Donuts’ gourmet options are topped with things like M&Ms, Fruity Pebbles, and Potato chips so you can get just as weird as you used to at self-serve fro-yo a few years ago, but for breakfast.

Flickr/Wally Gobetz

​WildFlour Pastry


Although not solely a donut shop, WildFlour produces some damn tasty sticky buns and donut muffins, which is rolled in cinnamon and sugar and is light and fluffy and a perfect one-bite treat for those mornings when a full sugar rush would send you back to bed an hour later.

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1. Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts 481 A King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Pastry chef Allison Smith, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of Charleston, turns out crazy donuts with unconventional flavors, like the Irish Car Bomb or Curry Up! All their ingredients are natural, the glazes, fillings, and dough are housemade, and other ingredients -- like bacon and cheese -- are locally sourced.

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2. Diggity Doughnuts 616 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403

This dope doughnut spot in North Charleston has all your favorite treats on lock. With more than 20 delicious, unique doughnuts offered (jalapeno doughnuts, anyone?), including flavors inspired by the South (key lime pie) and cocktails (margarita, mojito, and juleps, among others), there's a sweet for every tooth here.

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3. Kaminsky's 78 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401

This charming neighborhood bakery and coffee shop in Downtown Charleston has been a local staple for years. We love their signature espresso drinks, ice cream floats and milkshakes, cookies, cakes, and dessert martinis.

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4. Joey Bag a Donuts 1118 Park West Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Donuts here! This quirky coffee shop and bakery in Mt. Pleasant inspired by the owner's nostalgia for childhood sweets serves over 50 varieties of doughnuts, perfect for the inner kid in you. The shop also offers savory breakfast treats, New York bagels, Italian pepperoni breads, and espresso drinks.

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5. Charleston Donuts 1485 N Highway 17, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

This family owned and operated donut shop serves up some of the best pastries in Charleston. Always hot and fresh, Charleston Donuts come in a variety of flavors: simple ones, like cinnamon sugar, lemon, and caramel; and others chockablock with toppings, including peanuts, graham cracker crumbs, potato chips, and fruity pebbles.

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6. Wildflour Pastry 73 Spring St, Charleston, SC 29403

A quaint bakeshop in central Charleston, WildFlour Pastry serves sweet and savory baked goods perfect for enjoying over a warm cup of joe. Using small-batch, farm fresh ingredients, chef Lauren Mitterer creates stunning and delicious treats like including doughnut muffins: that's right, you heard it here. Doughnut muffins.