The Best Breakfasts in Charlotte for Under $7

According to social media, you’re a professional bruncher, we get it. You and the rest of your tribe like to cure the previous night’s antics with some #mimosas and #beignets. But sometimes you’ve got to pinch those pennies until the next paycheck and rough it for a few days. Looks like you’re in luck because these budget-friendly and seriously tasty plates will get you out the door for less than seven bucks, with absolutely no FOMO to be had.

Green's Lunch Inc

Green’s Lunch


There’s a reason this place has stuck around since 1926, and it’s not the décor. Housed in an unassuming brick building, Green’s Lunch may be famous for its hot dogs, but the early morning offerings are another winner. Yeah it’s definitely far from fancy, but the eggs, bacon, and biscuits will beckon you in from blocks away.

Art’s BBQ and Deli


Between the hotcakes, homemade biscuits, sausages, and country ham, this place is hog heaven. With a batch of à la carte items to choose from, you might as well just have them all. One thing’s a must: a heaping pile of home fried potatoes.

Duck Donuts- Kenilworth Commons

Duck Donuts


Serving up made-to-order donuts with your favorite glazes and toppings, this isn’t any old pastry joint. Go for glazed and make sure to get yourself some bacon sprinkled on top (protein, for good measure).

Poppy's Bagels & more

Poppy’s Bagels and More

Sherwood Forest

Bagels are a no-brainer when it comes to a breakfast that’s cheap, good, and quick. And you really can’t go wrong when you top your everything, pumpernickel, or poppy seed with a magical combination of cream cheese, lox, capers, and red onions. With dough made several times a day, there’s no chance you’ll find a better bagel in Charlotte.

Earl's Grocery

Earl’s Grocery


There are few places more charming than this farm-driven boutique grocery in the heart of Elizabeth. And quite surprisingly, it does have some economical options on the menu. The Rustic Egg sandwich -- two farm eggs, swiss cheese, and toasted cumin mustard served on griddled wheat toast -- may be simple, but it’s superior.

The Common Market

South End, NoDa

The best part about this place is that you can roll in dressed in last night’s clothes without a second glance. The food and drinks are another huge perk. There are several delightful options and daily specials, but the Later Hater reigns. It’s a grilled sandwich topped with eggs, your choice of protein, spinach, tomato, and pimento cheese (yep, you read that right). Wash it down with a mimosa made with fresh-squeezed OJ and you’ll turn any morning into a good one.  

Rhino Market & Deli

Rhino Market & Deli

Wesley Heights

Tex-Mex is one of the best ways to wake up your tastebuds in the morning. This laid-back spot serves up a mean breakfast burrito wrapped up with eggs, potato, sausage, cheese and salsa. The craft coffee selection is admirable, as well.

Jack Beagle's


Sure, you may have stumbled out of here late Friday night, but it only makes sense to return for some more action on Saturday morning. Especially when Waco Eggs Benedict is what’s for breakfast. Two lightly fried eggs are topped with a savory hollandaise sauce and complemented by perfectly crispy slices of bacon. The two hearty slices of Texas Toast will sop up all the extras. (Note: open for breakfast on weekends only).

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Lauren Blake enjoys writing about restaurants and bars just as much as she likes frequenting them. Well, almost as much. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @palieblake.