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The 6 secretest supper clubs in Chicago

Everyone loves dinner. But you know what everyone loves even more than dinner? Secret dinner, which's why we spent the last week learning a trillion different secret handshakes on our way to uncovering six totally awesome, totally underground supper clubs in Chi.

Cake and Whiskey Club
When: Monthly
Where: We have no idea...
Why you should join: This semi-formal (pinkies-semi-up!) social club dotes on different whiskeys and wedding-caliber cakes every month -- it’s like all of the greatest parts of a wedding reception, but without the drama or awkward toasts.
How to join:Click here

Sunday Dinner Club
When: 5-10 times per month
Where: Totally a secret
Why you should join: Members of Sunday Dinner’s cult-following were the first to taste Honey Butter Fried Chicken, a happy accident that came about when a tray of honey-buttered corn cakes spilled onto a plate of fried chicken at one of their dinners. The entire thing is referral-only (which makes it hard to get into), but once you're in, you'll have access to so much awesome... including an annual series of cassoulet fetes, which mixes French casseroles with confit duck legs, garlic sausage, and smoked bacon.
How to join: Find someone who's already a member, then click here

Tuesday Night Dinner
When: Monthly
Where: Border Oak
Why you should join: The hyperlocal chefs at Tuesday Night Dinner have found a home base at the Border Oak in Logan Square to dish out their Midwest prix fixe suppers. Not only will you leave with a belly filled with the likes of wild boar meatballs or cider-cured ham steak, but you’ll also go home with swag like a “tasteful nudes” calendar .
How to join: Click here

When: Seasonally
Where: The South Side (but where on the South Side?)
Why you should join: Having toured Clandestino from Chicago to LA, Chef Efrain Cuevas oversees a band of South Side cooks who've tackled diverse themes ranging from Eating Vincent Price (absinthe cocktails, orange duck with roast potatoes, and Grand Marnier cake) to a Whole Hog menu (chicharrón with tomatillo dipping sauce & BBQ pork loin soup), which was hosted in the basement of Blind Pig Record’s in Avondale.
How to join: Click here

Goose and Fox
When: 2-4 times per month
Where: As if we're gonna tell you!* (*we don't actually know)
Why you should join: This clandestine eating operation is run by the same chef who whipped up a phenomenal seven-course farmers market meal on hot plates inside a Bucktown furniture warehouse. Goose and Fox’s intimate setup has played host to seasonal menus including a late-Summer tasting with roasted pork belly and corn fritters, as well as a Fall dinner with courses like crispy hen leg, mushroom pierogi, and carrot cake.
How to join: Click here

The Stew Supper Club
When: Monthly
Where:Sauce & Bread Kitchen
Why you should join: Mike Bancroft (Co-op Hot Sauce) and Anne Kostroski (Crumb bread) combine culinary forces to test-drive new menu items at their new restaurant in Edgewater. In the past, they’ve thrown down for the Feast of the Seven Fishes, a cheese-themed dinner, and a "Super Dragon Slayer Spicy Supper", which sounds... awesome.
How to join: Click here